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About Us

Our mission is to help those suffering from psychological distress by creating an online environment which makes finding the right information as simple and as efficient as possible.

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Fresh Content

We publish a diverse array of articles here at Psych Times, from in-depth articles about mental illnesses, to blog posts about how to improve equanimity. We offer everything for anyone interested in learning more about human psychology.


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We encourage open discussions in our comments section, as well as on social media. Our goal is to learn from one another and the best way to do that is to communicate! We also encourage article ideas, as well as general feedback at info@psychtimes.com.

Thomas Hlubin, CEO

Thomas founded PsychTimes.com with the goal of helping people improve their mental health, as well as to help reduce the unfortunate stigma associated with mental illness.

The Type of Content You'll Find

In Our Various Blog Sections


Learn about various mental disorders

Read articles about anxiety disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, manias, phobias and much more. Our in-depth articles help you not only better understand the symptoms of these conditions, but also how to treat them.


Learn more about human psychology

Discover articles about how to cope with unwanted emotions, how to mend unhealthy relationships, and how to thwart unnecessary psychological suffering from hindering your life. In our various blog sections, you'll find articles covering topics such as these, and much more.



In our philosophy blog sections, you'll find articles about morality, logical fallacies, why we value some things over others, as well as many other conundrums that are commonplace throughout the human experience.


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