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Thinking About Trying Therapy? Learn the Benefits

Modern mental health counseling has been formally used in the United States since the early 1950s. Other therapeutic modalities, however, have been around since ancient Grecian times. In every culture on the planet there are different forms of healing practitioners – from shamans and spirit healers, to counselors and psychologists. Mental Health Counseling has taken...... Read More

4 Ways to Deal with Being Ghosted

Facing rejection is never easy. The inadvertent tendency to internalize rejection can be completely demoralizing, chipping away at any semblance of confidence and self-worth that we may have accrued over our years on this planet. So, what do we do when we experience one of the worst types of rejection – being ghosted? “Ghosted” is...... Read More

5 Signs You’re in a Codependent Relationship

Human beings are wired for connection. This means that we are inherently programmed to seek relationships of any and all sorts. Why, then, are so many of our relationship’s codependent? According to Melody Beattie, who wrote “The Codependent Guide to the 12 Steps” and “Codependent No More,” a codependent person can be defined as anyone...... Read More

How to Effectively Communicate with Your Partner

One of the most important parts of a relationship is the foundation of trust. This can seldom exist without healthy and effective communication, and yet many people struggle to articulate their genuine thoughts and feelings in a partnership. Rather than focusing on the basic how-tos of communication, the real work lies in deconstructing what is...... Read More

6 Tips to Make Friends in a New City

Moving can be incredibly stressful, both physically and emotionally. Once the adrenaline of novelty wears off, one can be left feeling lonely and isolated. Unlike the days of classrooms and extra curriculars, adulting means stepping out of our comfort zone and making a potentially foreign effort of putting yourself out there. But fear not! Making...... Read More

How to Handle Rejection From Someone You Like

One of the most painful emotional experiences is that of rejection. The feeling can be so visceral that we almost feel it coursing through our veins, taking over every single part of our body, mind, and soul. Rejection is almost impossible to be unaffected by and can rarely be avoided if one is living their...... Read More

Shame VS Guilt (The Key Differences)

Emotional experiences are seldom neat and easy. They are gritty, multi-faceted, overwhelming, and can come strongly at any given moment like a tidal wave over our subconscious. While self-awareness cannot neutralize the power that our emotions have over us, some simple education can absolutely aid in the understanding of these deep emotional processes. This awareness...... Read More