Published on June 11, 2024

Taxi Apps vs. Hailing a Cab: Pros and Cons

The modern times have introduced various sorts of taxi services, including Amsterdam taxi. Some are using technology now with the aim to provide ease to the customers and avoid lagging behind. And for sure, passengers are enjoying the modifications in this way. Nevertheless, there are drawbacks to every technological change as well. Here, we will discuss the pros and cons of taxi apps vs. hailing a cab. 

Guide on Taxi Apps

Relieve of Cash

People are often short of cash while being on a ride. This is hazardous as it can waste everyone’s time and also there is a problem of change. Taxi apps provide more than one mode for payment. Hence, the passenger does not have to merely depend on cash. 

Furthermore, online payments are convenient. All you have to do is click on a button and the transaction happens instantly. Just save the card details on the taxi app, and it requires seconds to do the job. Besides, cash seems a lot dangerous to keep in the wallet. There are chances of you leaving the wallet in the taxi and cannot always rely on the driver to return it.

Advance Booking

By utilizing the services of taxi apps, one can book a vehicle in advance. You can pick the vehicle you love and check the availability. Even if it requires time; it is fine because you have commenced booking beforehand. Furthermore, this is extremely helpful during peak hours, to prepare the drivers and avoid getting late.

The heavy traffic often delays the arrival of the taxi if you are reserving in the nick of time. Book in advance; let them know your special requirements, such as the number of passengers alongside the amount of luggage. 

Dependency on GPS

Taxi apps depend on GPS. This technology is not always accurate; therefore, it is not apt to entirely trust it. No doubt it offers ease to the riders as well as the driver to spot a location. But, it often leads to misunderstandings. Hence, this is one of the disadvantages of using taxi apps.

Furthermore, the local drivers are familiar with every nook and cranny of the city. They do not rely a lot on the GPS and can effortlessly understand where you require to drop off. Therefore, in this case, the old-school taxi hailing works like a charm. 

Hailing a Cab


Hailing a taxi is quite conventional. People used to follow this method for traveling in a cab and still there are some old-school folks out there. Somehow, this approach can make you nostalgic. Also, there is simplicity to it. Older people can effortlessly call a taxi without being tech-savvy. 

Furthermore, if there is no taxi app, this means the payment method involves cash. For certain people, this is straightforward. 


Calling a taxi can mean you can immediately avail one, such as business taxi Amsterdam. You are standing near the road; therefore, most likely you can get a vehicle right away. However, this can go the other way round too. Besides, even during the peak hours, there are chances of availability of taxis this way. 

Moreover, most taxi apps can charge you for canceling the ride. This is not the case with the traditional method. You can simply ask and the driver is fine to go. Moreover, there are lesser chances of price hikes during peak hours this way. 

Inconvenience of Hailing

Hailing a cab is inconvenient as well to some extent. You have to go outside, despite the weather condition and wait till a taxi stops to pick you up. As told before, weather is often unpredictable. Even if you know how the atmosphere is outside, you still require traveling for various reasons. For instance, you have to go home from the office while it’s raining outside. For such a case, hailing a cab is not that easy, particularly, if you did not bring an umbrella. 

Furthermore, you never know for how long you have to wait before you get a cab, which makes taxi apps favorable. With the services of the latter, you can reserve a taxi and no need to go out unless the vehicle has arrived. 


Hailing a taxi and taxi apps are two different ways to travel on a taxi. Both have pros and cons; the above guide was for aiding your decision. The taxi apps are somehow modern inventions and provide the convenience of cash-free payment. Therefore, you do not always have to carry cash, which is both convenient and safe. 

Second advantage of using such an app is the opportunity of advance booking. Hence, this way, the cab can arrive on time. The negative side however is in the form of GPS, which is not always reliable. Hailing a cab is a very traditional way and people still prefer it. You can most probably get the vehicle on spot; nevertheless, you have to go out first, even during rain or storms.

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