Published on October 17, 2021

The Disgusting Stigma of Mental Illness

by Psych Times Staff

The stigma of mental illness is one of the most disturbing and ethically embarrassing things with which humanity has ever had the hubris to cultivate. The amount of moral confusion, as well as the mountains of unnecessary psychological suffering that exists solely due to the stigma associated with mental illness is a dismal reality for millions of people worldwide.

In my new book The Disgusting Stigma of Mental Illness, I unveil the illusoriness of not only why it makes no logical sense whatsoever to stigmatize the mentally ill, but also that by doing so everyone loses.

It took me about two and a half years to write this book, and along that journey there were months at a time where I either just wasn’t writing due to other projects capturing my attention more, such as this very website, or I convinced myself that it simply wasn’t a good idea to publish this book in general.


Lo and behold, I was able to dedicate enough time and attention toward it, as well as stifle my worry thoughts enough to allow me to complete it, in lieu of whatever criticism might ensue as a result.

Suffering from OCD, anxiety, and depression throughout my life, mental health, specifically mental illness, is something that is very personal to me. Therefore, it was only natural for this book to come into fruition.

Furthermore, it should be understood that I am under no delusion that this book alone will completely end the stigma of mental illness altogether. Such a gargantuan feat would take generations upon generations of global edification to accomplish.

Instead, I hope to at least be a small contributor to the overall solution. With this book, I hope to help spread awareness about mental illness, the suffering that those with mental illness experience, as well as shed light onto the insidious nature of stigma toward the mentally ill.

The asinine ramblings of the ignorant cannot be maintained as the end result of this behavior is increased mass suffering, not only for those with mental disorders, but for those without them, too.

This is simply due to the fact that we all must congruously co-exist with one another in society for it to be civil and orderly. Moreover, during this co-existence, it will inexorably entail interacting with someone suffering from a mental illness, albeit depression, PTSD, or schizophrenia.

We all have a moral imperative to improve the status quo of stigma toward the mentally ill and this book is aimed to help do just that.

For more information about my book, you can view it on Amazon here, as well as view my author page.

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