November 1, 2022

Psychology Bachelor’s Degree Guide 2022

by Psych Times Staff

Are you fascinated by the human mind and how people think, feel, and behave? Do you read about psychology in your spare time or follow experts in the field on social media? Do you find yourself talking about psychological principles with friends and family, even if they look at you strangely at first? If so, a degree in psychology could be the perfect next step for you. 

While there are several types of psychology degrees, such blue degree programs tend to offer students more general knowledge of the field rather than an in-depth focus on one particular area like clinical psychology or industrial-organizational psychology.

There are many benefits to getting a degree in this challenging but rewarding field. You’ll gain valuable analytical skills that can help you get a job or advance your career. You’ll also have a better understanding of human behavior which will make it easier for you to navigate relationships both personally and professionally.

What You’ll Learn in a Psychology Degree Program

Most bachelor’s degree programs in psychology will take four years to complete. During that time, you’ll study the many psychological concepts and techniques that are used to study and understand human behavior. You’ll learn about the different types of research that psychologists use to make sense of that data. 

You’ll also learn how psychological disorders and other factors affect human behavior and how to help people overcome their issues. Your psychology degree program will focus on human psychology, the study of human beings across their lifespan. You’ll learn about human development, which includes the biological, psychological, and social aspects of people as they go through life.

What You Won’t Learn in a Psychology Degree Program

Although you’ll be exposed to many different areas of psychology, you won’t be trained to become a clinical psychologist or an industrial-organizational psychologist. You’ll be introduced to their areas of expertise, but you won’t get any hands-on experience or training to actually practice them professionally. 

You won’t learn about abnormal psychology, which is the study of psychological disorders, and you won’t be trained in the best practices for treating them. You won’t be able to receive any type of licensure or certification with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

7 Key Skills This Degree Will Give You

If you complete a psychology degree program, you’ll walk away with several important skills. You’ll gain the ability to think critically, which will make you a better problem solver. You’ll be able to use logic and reason to break down complex issues and come up with creative solutions for them. This is a useful skill for your professional and personal life. 

You’ll also be able to read and interpret data more effectively. You’ll know how to analyze research to make sure it’s accurate and you’ll be able to interpret that information for other people. You’ll be able to make sense of complex data in the blink of an eye which will make you an incredibly valuable asset to your employer.

4 Steps to Finding the Best Program for You

You should start your search for the best psychology degree program by choosing between a bachelor’s or master’s degree program. You can find a general psychology program at the bachelor’s level and you can also find a more in-depth master’s degree program. You should also consider the location of the program and what you want to do with your degree once you graduate. 

Once you’ve narrowed down the best degree program for you, you’ll need to find the best psychology schools in your area. You can do this by looking at several different rankings of psychology programs, such as the U.S. News & World Report Psychology Rankings. You should also talk to people in your network who have gone through degree programs in the past.

Also, ask questions such as, do you want to work in research, counseling, education, or another field? How many students apply each year? How many are accepted? What are the average GPAs and GRE scores? What does the program cost? 

Answering these questions will help you decide which program would work best for what you would like your career to look like in the long run. 

The Problem with Psychology Degree Programs Right Now

As you’ve probably noticed, the job outlook for psychology majors is pretty bleak. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for psychologists is expected to decline through the year 2029. This is most likely due to the rapid rise of online psychology degree programs. 

There are many excellent online programs, but not all of them are created equally. Many online psychology degree programs are not accredited and may not be as rigorous as traditional, in-person programs.

Online programs are also missing the personal factor and classroom setting, which can be difficult for some students. Not to mention you will not have many study groups and classmates to talk to which could have a negative impact as well. 

3 Ways to Find the Right Program for You

While you should definitely be careful with which online programs you choose, you can also use online platforms to help you find the best psychology degree program for you. You can use sites like Indeed’s Degree Explorer to find psychology degree programs near you. 

You can also use sites like College Navigator to find accredited degree programs in your area. You can also use sites like the National Center for Education Statistics to find accredited degree programs across the entire country.

Concluding Words

There’s no question that a psychology degree program is challenging. It’s a degree that will stretch you in every way possible, both mentally and emotionally. But it’s also a degree that will reward you in many different ways. Having a better understanding of human behavior will make it easier for you to navigate relationships.

 You’ll be able to better empathize with others and recognize when you need to seek help for your own issues. You’ll also be able to use your new skills to advance your career in whatever path you choose.


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