The apocryphal notion of a rape fantasy (biastophilia) is quite pervasive, especially in the United States. Women, and sometimes men, covertly and even overtly profess their deep dark fantasies of being raped.

I argue that such professions are not only incongruous, but that a rape fantasy itself is nothing more than an oxymoron. With that being said, it should be clear to everyone that no sane person truly desires to be raped. Thus, why there is a nifty term for such a salacious desire: Biastophilia.

Paradoxically, what these individuals are professing to be a rape fantasy, are indeed not actual rape fantasies, but are instead just proclivities to be dominated in bed or to have rough sex of some sort with a stranger, usually someone whom they find to be physically attractive.

In fact, I find it quite dubious that someone would desire to be raped by a person whom they found to be physically grotesque and putridly odoriferous. On the contrary, these “rape fantasies” include their favorite rich Hollywood crush, not the janitor who lives next door.

Having the promiscuous desire to role-play with a stranger or having a kinky one-night stand is not a rape fantasy, although this is often the criteria that so many people use when speaking of their so-called rape fantasy.

Rape is defined as unlawful sexual intercourse without the consent of the victim. Therefore, to fantasize about being raped and to have the desire to be raped means that you would have to consent to it. If you didn’t consent to it, then it would not be something you would want, nor something you would fantasize about by virtue of the fact that you didn’t consent to it.

So, people who purport to have a rape fantasy ultimately arrive at an immutable paradox: If they consent to being raped, then that is simply not rape, as the foregoing definition of the term explains. Rape can only be rape if there is no consent, clearly. On the other hand, if they do not consent to being raped, then it would be incongruous and therefore fallacious for them to simultaneously fantasize about being raped seeing as how they didn’t consent to it in the first place.

According to a study, approximately 48 women get raped every hour in the Congo. That adds up to 1,152 rapes a day. Rhetorically, I wonder how many of these raped women were secretly pleased to be raped? How many of them feel more fulfilled now after the fact? And how many virgins in the Congo desperately await their anticipated euphoric comeuppance?

It is crystal clear. Rape fantasies simply do not exist, even in the mind of a mentally ill person. The logic is simply too incoherent and vacuous for it to be so.