Munchausen syndrome is an artificially created mental disorder characterized by acting as if he or she is physically or mentally ill, when there is really nothing wrong with them at all. The name “Munchausen Syndrome” comes from the fictional German [...]

Fregoli Syndrome is a very rare illness in which an individual believes that many different people are in fact the same person. This condition was named after the Italian actor Leopold Fregoli. Fregoli was renowned for his ability to make abrupt [...]

Capgras syndrome is a psychological condition that is characterized by a belief that a particular person has been replaced by an impostor. This bizarre belief may lead one to acrimoniously accuse a friend or spouse of being “a fake” or [...]

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome is a neurological condition where the individual’s perception of colors, sizes, distances, and textures are altered from reality. Just as in the movie Alice in Wonderland, someone suffering from the symptoms of Alice in Wonderland Syndrome [...]