Thomas Hlubin

Founder/Owner & CEO

Thomas Hlubin created Psych Times in January 2019 with the vision of helping those with mental illness to find new and effective ways to cope with their symptoms, ultimately leading to increased equanimity. Publishing high-quality, trustful content, he, alongside his team, hope to accomplish these goals.

Suffering from OCD, Anxiety, and Depression throughout his life, Thomas hopes to help reduce the stigma of mental illness and help those suffering from mental illness by publishing meaningful content, as well as encouraging those with mental issues to seek out help.

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Thomas Hlubin

Thomas Hlubin

The Disgusting Stigma of

Mental Illness

by Thomas Hlubin

The stigma of mental illness is one of the most disturbing and ethically embarrassing things with which humanity has ever had the hubris to cultivate. In my new book, The Disgusting Stigma of Mental Illness, I unveil the illusoriness of not only why it makes no logical sense whatsoever to stigmatize the mentally ill, but also that by doing so everyone loses.

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Thomas Hlubin

I've created over 30 websites in my life. Well, I've lost count really. It's probably more like over 40. And all of them have failed except for this one. I've learned so much since I first started making websites and am so thankful I didn't just give up after nearly 7 years of making no money from any of my sites (losing thousands really). Thankfully, I loved and became fascinated with SEO (search engine optimization) from the very beginning back in 2015. This passion, as well as my unrelenting desire to be my own boss and to live the life I've always wanted by my own terms, allowed me to keep creating new sites and pursuing new ideas, regardless of how often they failed or how deeply I loathed working at whatever 9-5 I had at the time. Add to this, the mental health issues that I've struggled with for much of my life, and you can probably see how glad I am that I stuck with this site as I'm not only very fascinated with mental health and mental illness, but also I hope to help those suffering from mental illness to find answers, hope, and relief from their emotional pain.

-Thomas Hlubin