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Hey there, my name’s Thomas and I created this website with a vision that’s deeply rooted in my profound interest in psychology, as well as my awareness of the staggering amount of people suffering from mental illness in the world today. With that being said, I’m all too aware of the need for accurate, respectable, and trustworthy content.

I myself have suffered greatly throughout my life from OCD, anxiety, and depression. The mental anguish that I’ve experienced as a result of those conditions has inspired me to develop this website to where it is now in hopes to not only help reduce the suffering of others, but to also create an environment where we can all learn from each other.

With this website, I hope to help reduce the unfortunate stigma associated with mental illness by bringing more awareness to it. I believe one way this can be done is by adding more high quality content on the internet.

I also feel very strongly that mental health needs to be taken much more seriously worldwide than it currently is. Simply put, I hope that with this platform I am able to help people around the world suffering from mental illness to suffer less. That alone is very important to me.

I especially love writing about psychology and philosophy. I also love the creativity and technical aspects of writing, as well as the creativity involved in running this website.

Besides writing, I also love search engine optimization (SEO). I find everything about SEO to be immensely engrossing. I’m also quite interested in many other aspects of internet marketing as well, including marketing ethics.

I really appreciate you visiting and I hope you find the content on this website to be useful. Feel free to send me an email at if you have an inquiry of any kind.

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