The sheer level of stupidity with regards to how some people are mishandling the coronavirus is only further tattooing my already ingrained convictions of nihilism.

As much as I love living in America for all of the freedoms it offers, I will admit that I sometimes feel embarrassed to live here, especially in Louisiana where the coronavirus is rampant and where local rednecks are actually proud to not wear their masks in public as if in by doing so they are liberating themselves from the oppressive tyranny of reason.

Assuredly, there are many virtues to the lackadaisical lifestyle that many Southerners conform to. Be that as it may, such torpidity comes at a high cost, such as massive amounts of death and suffering all due to COVID-19.

I must admit that I have difficulty understanding how someone can be aware that they may have or could have the coronavirus unknowingly (by not showing any symptoms), and to continue to go against the grain of society by walking around in public businesses unmasked, knowing that the virus is spread through the respiratory tract.

Am I to believe that every person who takes this risk is simply a sociopath, unconcerned about whose death they inadvertently expedite due to their carelessness?

Or perhaps such a person is dubious of the facts, that the US has over 6 million cases of the coronavirus and that there are nearly 1 million deaths worldwide from the virus since January of 2020.

Where does there incredulity stem from?

I’ve grown to realize that my ability to refrain from feeling disdain toward such irresponsible people is more abysmal than I’d like it to be, although it seems somewhat justified.

The cases of coronavirus continue to climb, along with the number of deaths and yet there are still large swaths of people who either shrug their shoulders and say, “Who cares, I ain’t gonna get it.” or “It’s just a hoax used to get President Trump re-elected! The flu has killed way more people.”

As frightening as it may be, this literally is the position of some people.

People with whom you likely coexist with in your own society believe and alter their behavior based on complete and utter nonsense such as this.

Jingoistic Americans pride themselves on being #1 at everything, athletics, economics, military spending, and so on. It’s ingrained in so many of us to be shamelessly biased when it comes to where the US stands when juxtaposed to the other leading nations of the world.

To that point I say congrats patriots. Your team has maintained the number one spot of the most cases of COVID-19 for quite some time now.

As of 9/9/2020, the US is not only leading every other country on the planet with the most cases of the coronavirus, but we are also in 1st place with the most deaths as well.

I hope you are all proud of yourself and continue to enjoy your delusional liberation, you bunch of jackasses.