Have you ever taken a step back and objectively observed the contents of your thoughts? Have you ever noticed when you’re thinking and when you’re not thinking? Do you find [...]

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Where I’m from, the ethics of killing animals is rarely ever discussed, especially in the backwoods of the deep South. I grew up in southern Louisiana, where imbecilic rednecks are as commonplace as Baptist churches. It’s undeniable to say that hunting culture is extremely popular [...]

One of the most important parts of a relationship is the foundation of trust. This can seldom exist without healthy and effective communication, and yet many people struggle to articulate their genuine thoughts and feelings in a partnership. Rather than focusing on the basic how-tos [...]

Moving can be incredibly stressful, both physically and emotionally. Once the adrenaline of novelty wears off, one can be left feeling lonely and isolated. Unlike the days of classrooms and extra curriculars, adulting means stepping out of our comfort zone and making a potentially foreign [...]

Logical fallacies. They occur much more frequently than you may realize. One only needs to listen closely to the reasons why people believe the things they believe to see the truth in this. What’s even more troubling is that logical fallacies often slip by our [...]

One of the most painful emotional experiences is that of rejection. The feeling can be so visceral that we almost feel it coursing through our veins, taking over every single part of our body, mind, and soul. Rejection is almost impossible to be unaffected by [...]


The humble, or perhaps not so humble homo sapien has been walking the Earth with its calloused monkey-feet for around 200,000 years now, while mosquitoes have been flying around for over 30 million years. During that time, mosquitoes have evolved into highly effective blood-seeking, disease [...]

Eating disorders can be a contentious issue to raise in conversation. As a doctoral researcher investigating new brain-targeted treatments in this field, I have learned that a broad spectrum exists pertaining to knowledge and attitudes towards this mental health disorder; ranging from an empathetic understanding [...]

To admit that you have never felt envious about things that other people possess or of accomplishments that other people have achieved means that you’re either lying or that you’re experiencing sociopathy. Envy is a natural emotion to feel and it is not inherently abysmal, [...]

Emotional experiences are seldom neat and easy. They are gritty, multi-faceted, overwhelming, and can come strongly at any given moment like a tidal wave over our subconscious. While self-awareness cannot neutralize the power that our emotions have over us, some simple education can absolutely aid [...]

Narcissists are some of the most distrusted and reviled people walking among us. The distaste that most people have for them is analogous to that of people suffering from sociopathy. Many people snarl at the mere thought of getting involved with a narcissist in any [...]

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