The sheer level of stupidity with regards to how some people are mishandling the coronavirus is only further tattooing my already ingrained convictions of nihilism. As much as I love [...]

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According to the American Psychological Association (APA), there are four main types of exposure therapy, which include in vivo exposure, imaginal exposure, virtual reality exposure, and interoceptive exposure. In vivo exposure is defined as directly facing a feared object, situation or activity in real life. [...]

Although many of us would like to admit to ourselves that we are stoic and grounded when making decisions in life, the reality is that for those of us who are anxious, virtually every decision we make is but another attempt to distance ourselves from [...]

The apocryphal notion of rape fantasies are quite pervasive, especially in the United States. Women, and sometimes men, covertly and even overtly profess their deep dark fantasies of being raped. I argue that such professions are not only incongruous, but that rape fantasies themselves are [...]

Think for a moment what it is that you prioritize in your life. Your family? Your work? Your hobbies? How about leisure? Are your behaviors conducive to living a healthy, happy life, or is the antithesis true? For many of us, such introspection may make [...]

Have you ever taken a step back and objectively observed the contents of your thoughts? Have you ever noticed when you’re thinking and when you’re not thinking? Do you find yourself often daydreaming, completely lost in the contents of your thoughts, unsure as to how [...]

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is spreading around the world like wildfire at what appears to be at an exponential rate. In fact, as I write this very sentence, thousands of people have already perished because of the virus. What was completely unknown to most people [...]

What can be more anxiety provoking than self-isolating oneself in their home with the hopes of not contracting the highly contagious coronavirus disease? Well, experiencing this while simultaneously suffering from an eating disorder. Such a conclusion is due to the unfortunate reality that there is [...]

Modern mental health counseling has been formally used in the United States since the early 1950s. Other therapeutic modalities, however, have been around since ancient Grecian times. In every culture on the planet there are different forms of healing practitioners – from shamans and spirit [...]

Facing rejection is never easy. The inadvertent tendency to internalize rejection can be completely demoralizing, chipping away at any semblance of confidence and self-worth that we may have accrued over our years on this planet. So, what do we do when we experience one of [...]

For most of us, we all crave happiness. In fact, some of us want it more than anything else in the world. So, how can something that everyone so deeply desires to obtain be so difficult to acquire? The elusiveness of happiness causes people to [...]

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