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Published on May 18, 2023

Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol: 9 Powerful Steps to Overcome It

Addiction is behavioral mismanagement of someone that can’t stop doing, though sometimes can damage the mental and physical of someone’s behavior. Alcoholism is a relapsing and chronic manifestation of a mental condition that manifest uncontrollable drinking of alcohol. A person that can’t manage in drinking too much amount of alcohol could be brought to any addiction recovery center in Cincinnati.

Since addiction is considered a disease by most experts, it has long-term effects that someone who engages in this might struggle in stopping especially when it becomes a habit. Most often once they tried they are likely to look for it and became used to it. Doing this habitually can affect brain patterns and will result in strong urges to use drugs. 

This topic will help you determine the damage people may receive from being addicted.

What Happens to a Person’s Brain After Taking Drugs and Alcohol?

It is alarming to know that every year, the U.S. economy will spend more than $600 billion on drugs and alcohol. Also, 20% of people in the United States testify that drugs are the main reason for depression or anxiety disorders. More than 90% of people with these problems started drinking or using drugs before they turned 18.

Most drugs affect the brain’s reward circuit; dopamine is a kind of flood messenger to your brain that dictates your feeling of good or makes you feel good. This will elicit a reward system that works well and keeps a person doing things that they think are good for them, like eating and spending time with family and friends. This would be the reason they keep doing drugs.

Remember this: People recovering from drug use disorders are more likely to use drugs again. Bringing them to the Cincinnati rehabilitation center will help them address their addiction through comprehensive treatments. With proper guidance and treatment, people may often return, but that doesn’t mean their treatment didn’t work for them.

How drugs change the brain makes it hard to stop, even for those who want to change. Researchers have proved that those who are dependent on drugs have found ways to overcome it and tend to help other people who are addicted to drugs. They find themselves significant to others, get better, and live useful lives.

As long as a person keeps on using drugs and alcohol, 

  • Their brain changes; they had a hard time thinking in the right manner.
  • It makes the person feel less happy and important, especially if they are first-time users. They have less tolerance.
  • They might try to get addicted to it and desire more of the drug. 
  • They find themselves less and less able to find happiness in things like food, sex, or social activities they used to enjoy. They tend to isolate themselves and have begun to lose their confidence

Long-term use also changes the ability for chemical processes in the entire body, including the brain circuits. It affects mental alertness in learning, judging, making decisions under stress, remembering, and acting.

Even though many drug users are aware of these terrible consequences, they still take drugs because they are addicted to them.

9 Powerful Steps to Overcome Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol

This study revealed that 22.3 million Americans have gotten over an alcohol or other drug problem. That’s 9% of U.S. adults when they answer survey questions. The fact that nearly 1 in 10 adults in the U.S. have gotten over a problem with drugs shows that not only is it possible to get over an addiction, but sadly, it happens often. 

In 2015, when these data were revealed, more people in the U.S. said they had gotten over an alcohol or other drug problem than testified they had an active engagement in alcohol or other drug use disorder (22.3 million vs. 20.8 million).

Because it’s hard to change, having a guide is helpful when trying to get off drugs, alcohol, or bad habits. Follow the steps below to help you get closer to your goals for healing. 

Set a quit date. 

It might help to pick a date that means something to you, like a birthday, wedding, or special event.

Change your surroundings. 

Get rid of anything at home or work that reminds you of your problem. For example, stay away from people trying to get you to use the drug, drink, or behavior you are addicted to. If you are trying to stop drinking, use bottle openers, wine glasses, and corkscrews. 

You can seek a haven like Cincinnati rehab for your recovery plan. Don’t let other people use the addictive drug or behavior or bring things into your home that remind you of it.

Do something else.

Instead of giving in to a desire to use it, think of other alternative things to do, such as walking with someone you love or calling or chatting with trusted friends or family members. This will keep you busy until your desire goes away. Be ready to confront things that tempt you to use them, like staying away from places where other people are using them.

Think about the times you’ve tried to quit before.

Learn to reflect on situations. Think about what led to the return and make changes based on that.

Set up emotional support.

Get emotional support and a sense of belonging from friends and relatives. Their guidance is enough for you to enjoy a life free of addiction. Tell them that you’re leaving. Ask them not to use your drug in front of you if they do. If you buy pills, you might want to tell your dealer you want to stop. 

Ask your dealer to stop calling you and selling you drugs. Also, you might want to personally visit your doctor and ask for their expertise on how to stop smoking. If you want to improve your chances of success in your recovery, don’t forget to get proper treatment, including emotional healing. But having emotional support could be the best way to treat your drug problem.

Seek advice from experts.

Everyone has different wants. Whether you’re addicted to illegal drugs or any kind of drug, you need to get regular advice from your doctor or from places like the Recreate Behavioral Health Network. Your addiction treatment plan should be tailored to your needs; a pre-assessment is very important. You need to find a strategy that feels right to you.

Seek treatment that leads to freedom.

Addiction brings curses into your life, including your relationships, job, finances, health, and mental health. For treatment to work, addiction treatment in Cincinnati helps you learn a new way to live and confront problems and circumstances. For example, you may have become dependent on drugs because you wanted to deal with pain or stress.

It’s essential to make a promise and keep it. The process of healing or covering up being drug dependent is not an easy one. The longer and harder you use drugs, the longer and harder you’ll have to undergo the treatment procedure. In every case, healing is possible with the utmost support and care.

Seek a therapist with a heart.

During the first part of treatment, the therapist helps the person see how their drug use has taken over and hurt their lives. In different ways, drugs or alcohol can replace the give-and-take of relationships and help people get through life without making good changes.

Engage in daily exercise.

Therese J. Borchard, a specialist who works to improve mental health, gives her advice that exercise is the best way to fight loneliness. Sweating every day may help your health and well-being improve, and your hormones will be released naturally.

Final Thought

Always remember that a total recovery and getting better takes time and effort, and getting help from experts and asking for support from family and friends is the best way to experience a fast recovery. Therefore, the advantage of getting help and support and starting the first steps is much greater than the risk of continuing to use drugs.

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