Published on August 28, 2023

How to Use Affirmations to Help Someone Quit Drugs

In a journey full of uncertainties and negativity, being the pillar of support for someone can give them the hope to survive the toughest spell in their lives. 

People on a journey to recovery are especially very vulnerable and in dire need of comfort and support in their loved one’s words. 

These words or powerful statements are called affirmations. They help people change what they think about themselves from negative to positive. 

“You’re capable of achieving your goals” is an example of affirmation that can help anyone whether it’s a child with stage phobia or an addict trying to quit. 

Yes, affirmations are words of positivity that can even support a drug addict on their journey to recovery. Read more to discover how.

What Are Positive Affirmations? 

Affirmations are words that people use to create a positive mindset. People repeat these positive statements to themselves or to others to challenge negative beliefs. 

They act as the tools for self-improvement and confidence building. By consistently reinforcing affirmations, people aim to shift their thoughts toward positivity. 

When you repeat an affirmation, you give your subconscious mind a message that you want to adopt a particular attitude. Over time, this repetition results in replacing negative thoughts with empowering thoughts. 

How To Use Affirmation To Help Someone Quit Drugs?

There can be times during recovery when people lose the motivation to stop using drugs. They start questioning their worth and battle with self-destructive thoughts. Affirmations target these negative beliefs and pave the way for positive changes. 

Coping Mechanism

To help the person in recovery cope with the difficulties, you can use specific affirmations instead of general ones. These specific positive statements can provide alternative ways to cope with stress, anxiety and triggers. They can uplift a person’s mood by flushing all the negative thoughts out of our minds.

Although affirmations may provide temporary relief from stress and anxiety, it is essential to cure the problem from its roots. While giving your loved ones a positive outlook on life, you can also suggest a drug rehab to help them quit addiction for good. 


You can make personalized affirmations to resonate with the individual’s goals. These relatable and relevant statements will give them a clear picture of what they should do.

While reciting a positive affirmation, you can ask the person to visualize it. When an individual visualizes a sober life and what else they can do with the absence of drugs from their lives, it will motivate them to adopt an addiction-free life.

Setting Realistic Goals

While affirmations can be ambitious, it is crucial to have a reality check. So, while creating a list of the statements sticking to those that would be achievable helps in building confidence.

Setting small goals like change in behaviors or not giving up on the cravings can help the person struggling with substance abuse by achieving their goal step by step.

Use Present Tense 

If you want to help an individual struggling with drug abuse, set the affirmations in the present tense. Setting goals for the future will only lead the person to procrastinate. 

So, instead of using “You will quit drugs someday” as an affirmation, you can use, “You are free from drugs and are living a healthy lifestyle.”

Make Routines

The uncertain lifestyle that accompanies addiction leads to disruption of routine. You can help an addict by making a routine to recite the affirmations.

You can begin the day by reciting the affirmations that focus on strength and commitment and end it with ones centered around self-acceptance and forgiveness. This practice will help ease burdens such as guilt and self-blame that often comes with addiction.


Overcoming drug addiction can be an overwhelming journey for an addict. In such a situation, words of affirmation can help a person reshape their thoughts and behaviors.

While affirmations can turn a person’s negative mindset into a positive one, they alone are not enough to overcome the addiction. The person struggling with addiction must seek professional help.

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