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Published on July 21, 2023

Staying Sober: How to Get Your Life Back On Track After Addiction

Checking yourself into a detox facility after grappling with an addiction is a monumental step. It can show that you’re eager to make genuine progress and free yourself from the grasp of your addictive substance. 

In most facilities, you have wraparound support from program facilitators and trained experts. There are even qualified medical professionals to assist with drug-assisted withdrawals. Essentially, you never have to feel alone in a rehabilitation center. Nor are you required to face temptations that threaten to set you back. 

That can all change in the real world without the same level of support. However, you might find it much easier to stay sober and get your life back on track post-addition by taking the following actions: 

Prioritize Aftercare

You might no longer be in an intensive rehabilitation program, but that doesn’t mean you have to return to your regular life immediately. Make aftercare your priority while you’re still coming to terms with a drug-free life. 

Learn more about sober living houses and their benefits for your sobriety journey. Sober homes are shared housing environments with all occupants committed to abstaining from drugs and alcohol. Support from like-minded people in such a beneficial environment might help you feel strong enough to reenter your old life with new, healthy habits. 

Apologize to Those You’ve Hurt

Addiction doesn’t just ruin the lives of those addicted to substances. It can also devastate family and friends. Apologize to the people you’ve hurt in an attempt to mend bridges. They might not accept your apology right away, but it can be an excellent step toward building trust and restoring important relationships

Cut Ties

Sober living houses can go a long way toward helping you deal with the temptations you’ll face upon returning to everyday life. However, you might struggle with your sobriety if you’re surrounded by the same people who fueled your addiction in the first place. A clean break can be what many recovering addicts need. If you know certain people aren’t going to support your sobriety journey, cut them off. Your health and well-being might depend on it. 

Join Support Groups

You aren’t alone in your struggles with sobriety. At least 9% of American adults live in recovery after substance abuse disorder. As a result, you’ll find no shortage of support groups. These groups are often run by people on similar journeys and life paths to you. Group members are always available to provide support whenever you’re feeling particularly stressed or overwhelmed. 

Try a New Hobby

Knowing what you enjoy after months or years of grappling with an addiction can often be challenging. You might be at a loss for how to use your spare time. Find a hobby, and you might find a new purpose. 

Try a physical activity like cycling or running, or even join a cooking or pottery class. Hobbies can be fun ways to pass the time while introducing you to new people who could become your new, healthier social circle.   

Getting your life back on track after addiction will likely be one of the hardest things you ever do. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Mend bridges, cut ties, and find a new support network. You are stronger than you think to start a new, healthier life outside of addiction. 

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