July 7, 2022

Treatment Options for the Addict in Your Life

There are few forces that can tear through your life as destructively as addiction can. It doesn’t just affect the people who are dealing with the addiction, but those around them, as well, can be in serious danger of harm. However, if you love someone who is dealing with addiction, you can also be a powerful ally. While you should never think to assume full responsibility for their treatment or their health, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do. Helping them find the right treatment when they’re willing to take it is a majorly helpful step. Here are some to consider.

Getting off of the addiction

When you’re dealing with addiction, you’re not just trying to fix a behavioral problem, which is a mistake that a lot of people make. It’s a physical addiction, a compulsion that has to bed, or else it can lead to painful withdrawal effects. While there are some substances that it’s dangerous to detox off, you can look for medically induced detoxes. These are essentially monitored treatments in which your body is treated for the pain of withdrawal, allowing one to effectively “flush” their systems clean. A detox doesn’t end with addiction being gone, but it can be a vital first step in many cases.

Recognizing and changing your behaviors

However, despite the fact that addiction is physical, it is also emotional and behavioral. As such, learning about the behaviors that lead to addiction and indulgence can be crucial. For that reason, a lot of people look into cognitive behavioral therapy, which is all about understanding your own behavioral patterns. This can include, for instance, treating your psychological triggers. You can learn to recognize your triggers and minimize your reaction to them or, at the very least, to avoid factors that can trigger you, which can include people, places, and certain situations.

Treating the withdrawals

In some cases, the detox process as described above is going to be the most effective strategy. However, in some cases, straight detoxing can not only be more painful, but it can even be dangerous to those going through it. For such people, a methadone clinic or a drug and alcohol detox center, can help treat the pain of not using, preventing the worst of withdrawal as they are weaned off of it. Depending on the substance involved, it can be vital for a safe recovery.

Being there for them

Even after their treatment, your loved one is still going to be fighting addiction, and supporting them can play a crucial role in that. Helping them by keeping them accountable and not simply sweeping the topic under the mat is recommended. Helping them with practical things, like helping them find a job, can be a big boost, too. Emotional support comes first and foremost, but practical help can prevent backsliding, too.

Treating drug addiction is not a one-size-fits-all affair. Different approaches work better for different people. However, hopefully the tips above can help you find the solution that works the best for the drug addict in your life.


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