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Published on November 10, 2023

5 Reasons to Enjoy Masturbation During Your Period

Is It Okay to Masturbate During Your Period?

The answer is a resounding yes, it is absolutely okay to masturbate during your period. In fact, there are a few differences and some additional preparations that can actually make the experience quite rewarding. Masturbating during your period is not only normal but also a healthy practice that comes with some notable benefits.

In this article, we’ll delve into the topic of whether it’s acceptable to engage in self-pleasure during your menstrual cycle. We’ll provide you with valuable insights and discuss the benefits of embracing masturbation during menstruation.

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Let’s get into the details:

Masturbation during menstruation

While some may initially consider it a taboo, recent studies have shed light on the fact that women can indeed engage in masturbation during their menstrual periods.

Masturbation typically involves the stimulation of the genitals, and individuals may choose to use their fingers or even sex toys such as vibrators to satisfy their desires.

The truth is, there are no set rules regarding masturbation during menstruation. There are times when women may feel sore, bloated, and slightly irritated due to their monthly visitor. However, this discomfort doesn’t mean that they cannot provide themselves with a little stimulation to alleviate these symptoms.

Let’s debunk some period myths:

Myth: Period Blood is Harmful.

Facts: Contrary to what some people may believe, period blood is neither dirty nor harmful. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Menstrual blood contains skin cells, tissues, and bodily secretions that are perfectly healthy. Unless a person has a blood-borne illness, menstrual blood poses no danger whatsoever.

Good for your health!

Now, let’s delve into the intriguing benefits of masturbating during your period, as supported by increasing evidence. Here are five compelling reasons to consider self-pleasure during menstruation:

Pain Reduction

For many women, the initial days of their period can be accompanied by intense pain and cramping, which can make it difficult to engage in enjoyable activities. Using sex toys like a clitoral wand, vibrator, or kegel toys can be a game-changer. These devices provide sexual stimulation that triggers the release of endorphin hormones. Endorphins can significantly alleviate pain and cramping, making the period more bearable.

Mood Enhancement

It’s no secret that hormonal fluctuations can lead to mood swings and irritability in women during their menstrual cycle. However, menstruation masturbation can come to the rescue. Orgasm triggers the release of various neurotransmitters and central nervous system-enhancing chemicals. Notable among these are dopamine, prolactin, and serotonin, which play crucial roles in stress management and mood regulation. The result? A better, happier mood and relief from those pesky mood swings.

Insomnia Relief

Sleep disturbances can be a frustrating issue during menstruation. Many women struggle to find comfort or experience heightened irritability, leading to disrupted sleep patterns. Fortunately, menstruation masturbation can act as an insomnia buster, especially when combined with sex toys. Orgasms stimulate the release of vasopressin, a hormone that promotes melatonin production—a crucial sleep aid. This natural remedy can significantly improve sleep quality, ensuring a more restful night.

Enhanced Lubrication

The vagina is a natural lubrication zone, and during menstruation, it tends to be even more lubricated than usual due to the presence of blood. Incorporating sex toys into period masturbation can be particularly advantageous in reducing friction. The toys play the role of a lubricant, making the experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Improved Blood Flow

Menstruation often comes with the discomfort of cramps, which are caused by the formation of clots—small buildups of blood in the uterus. These clots can lead to excruciating pain at unexpected moments. Engaging in period masturbation can help increase blood flow, ultimately alleviating cramps. With improved circulation, clots become smaller and less painful to pass, offering relief from menstrual discomfort.

How to masturbate during your period

Masturbation preferences vary among women, and there’s no universally right or wrong way to masturbate during your period. One significant concern that may deter women from trying period masturbation is the apprehension of post-pleasure cleanup. However, it’s important to recognize that this should not be a major issue.

Here are some useful tips to enhance enjoyment and minimize cleanup:

Play in Water

Engaging in bath or shower masturbation allows the water to wash away any blood present. Ensure that any toys used are waterproof and capable of being submerged in the bath.

Focus on Clitoral Stimulation

Clitoral orgasms are an excellent choice for menstruation masturbation as they don’t require the insertion of fingers or toys. By using a massager or vibrator,(I recommend the Rose Vibrator here.) you can still achieve orgasmic pleasure without exposing them to blood.

Exploring Anal Play

Anal penetration can be a satisfying way to indulge in sexual pleasure during menstruation. Women can receive anal stimulation during period sex, and they can also provide anal penetration using a strap-on sex toy. This approach offers an alternative to traditional vaginal stimulation during this time.

Fingers or Toys

When it comes to masturbation during your period, some women opt for using their fingers for stimulation to reach orgasm, and that’s perfectly fine. You can easily clean your fingers with warm water and soap after you’re done.

On the other hand, some women may prefer the convenience of a sex toy to do the work for them. If you choose to use a sex toy and are concerned about cleanliness, you can wrap it in a condom that can be disposed of after you’ve finished with your period masturbation.

Another option is to designate a specific toy for use during menstruation. Silicone, glass, and metal sex toys are considered the most hygienic options and can be boiled after use to ensure they are refreshed and clean for your next session. This helps maintain proper hygiene while ensuring a safe and satisfying experience.

Are there health risks?

Regarding health risks, there are no known side effects or health risks associated with period masturbation. By following basic hygiene practices, both during regular masturbation and period masturbation, you can avoid potential issues.

It’s essential to remember that even during menstruation, women can still get pregnant, so wearing condoms during partnered sex is recommended to reduce the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).


In conclusion, women can indeed masturbate during their periods, just as they can at any other time. Period masturbation offers various benefits, including pain and bloating reduction, improved sleep quality, and mood enhancement. To minimize clean-up after period masturbation, consider doing it in the bath or shower. Always prioritize safe sex by wearing a condom during partnered period sex to reduce the risk of pregnancy and STIs.

If you found this article enjoyable, you can explore more interesting facts about sexual health and sex toys in the Cupid Boutique Blogs.

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