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Published on December 15, 2022

How to Sell Feet Pics for Profit and Make Money With Your Phone

The use of a phone as a personal photo album has become as passé as dialing up to reach a friend. Today, we are all about posting and tagging pics that are likely to garner attention and likes. It is the new way to document our lives in real time and sell our appearance – at least partially. We live in an image-obsessed world, with selfie sticks and feet pics being just the latest examples of this obsession. Indeed, the rise of feet pics (or foot pics) begs the question: How can you make money from your feet? Well, you could take pictures of them for one! Moreover, there are lots of other ways to monetize your own pedicure on camera. From selling pics for cash to getting paid for sponsored posts in your feed… here’s how you can make money with your feet!

How to Make Money From Your Feet Pics

First and foremost, let’s talk about making money from feet pics. This is, after all, the entire premise of the article! First of all, you need to understand that people have been making money from feet pics for years. The only difference now is the ease with which you can monetize your appearance. The first step is to find a niche and a niche audience. Are you a foot fetishist? In that case, you could make money from feet pics by posting pics of your feet on related websites and forums. We recommend All Things Worn, Feet Lovers Only, FunWithFeet, and Foot Forums as good places to start. You could also post pics of your feet on cam sites or on niche social media sites such as Toe Jam (NSFW).

Sell Your Feet Pics for Cash

You could also sell your feet pics for cash. Given the ease with which you can post your feet pics online, you can consider selling them through content sites such as Shutterstock or iStock. Of course, you need to make sure that your feet pics meet the specifications of the site if you want to sell them for profit. Alternatively, you could also try your luck on Instagram. In fact, if you can come up with a unique feet pic idea, you may even be able to get your feet pics featured on the site for free!

Make Money by Being a Paid Foot Model

You could make money from your feet pics by becoming a paid foot model. This is a growing niche of paid content and one that can be extremely profitable if done right. You can find various online forums where you can advertise yourself as a paid foot model. Alternatively, you could also try your luck with social media advertising. Most social media sites have paid ad options, though you will likely have to prove that you are not breaking any advertising regulations before you can start making money through them.

Earn Money with Sponsored Content

You could also make money with your feet pics by becoming a sponsored foot model. There are various online communities where you can find people willing to pay you to promote their products, services or companies on your feed. Alternatively, you could also try your luck on Instagram. Instagram allows users to promote products in their posts as long as they are properly labeled as ads and are not misleading. Sure, you can make money by playing the bluechip aviator app or you can just sell your feet pics online!


The use of phones for sharing images, videos and other media has become a daily occurrence for many of us. Indeed, we have gone from taking pictures with actual cameras to snapping and sharing them with our phones. However, there is still room for innovation when it comes to sharing media. The latest trend of foot pics is just one example of this. Indeed, the rise in popularity of feet pics has prompted us to ask how we can make money from our feet. Well, you can sell your feet pics for cash, become a paid foot model, or promote products with your feet pics for sponsored posts in your feed.

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