Published on May 29, 2023

Is Your Wife’s Sex Drive Lacking?

Sex is an intimate form of communication where your bodies, souls, and emotions mingle and blend into a beautiful and intense orgasmic release. Many men feel lost when they notice a change in their partner’s intimacy levels, wrongly attributing it to a decrease in attraction or love.

Yet, the root cause might be deeper, possibly entangled with past experiences, energy blocks, or emotional disconnect. If you’re eager to explore and understand the sacred art of intimacy and how it can reignite the passion in your relationship, the Tantric Academy offers a unique approach, tapping into ancient wisdom and modern techniques. It’s not about quick fixes, but about diving deep into a transformative journey of understanding, connecting, and rekindling.

However, for some men, there are some challenges, such as being in some with a woman who does not have a sexual appetite. So if your wife lacks sex drive, there could be various reasons for it. 

As her man, you might look for answers in legitimate research, studies, and reliable sources. Plus, it is a challenging hurdle to cross, as from your perspective, she does not want you as much as you do her. 

So today, we will talk about signs of low sex drive in women, its causes, and how to help your wife get her sex drive back. Let us begin!

Signs of Low Sex Drive in Women

Have you recently noticed that your lady’s libidinal drive does not match yours? Or that she does not show much interest in intimacy?

Let us check out a few telltale signs of a woman’s low sex drive:

  • She is not worried about having less sex
  • She does not masturbate or engage in foreplay
  • Genital masturbation does not turn her on
  • Lacks sexual fantasies
  • Does not initiate sexual roleplays or hook-ups

Now, there are various reasons for these symptoms. And it is crucial to identify your wife’s mentality and desires about sex. 

6 Reasons Her Sex Drive is Low

There are various medical, mental, and physical reasons behind some women not feeling that peak carnal desire.

1. Mental Health

Mental health plays a crucial part in sexual health. If your wife is going through stress lately, is depressed, and handling tonnes of personal issues, her mind and body are not prioritizing sexual intimacy.

Anyone going through mental health issues feels drained from the excruciating levels of the emotional burden they face. 

2. Body Image Issues and Obesity

Women who feel insecure about their looks due to obesity often find it hard to express their sexual desires, as they feel unattractive. 

But in reality, obesity is a medical issue that you and she can combat, which might help her feel more confident and relaxed about expressing sexual desires. 

3. Hormone Imbalances

Hormone imbalances such as low testosterone levels and hormone deficiency can trigger a lack of sexual desire.

Not to forget, hormonal disorders are common signs of PCOS. So make sure you support her during her treatments.

4. Pregnancy

After giving birth, women often go through a low sex drive. This is because activities like breastfeeding and tending to the baby can exhaust her, leaving no space for craving sexual intimacy. 

5. Medication

Side effects of various prescribed medications include low sex drive. These medications are:

  • Anti-depression
  • Blood pressure medication
  • Hormonal medication’
  • Contraception pills

 6. Changes in the Relationship

Before wondering what went wrong, ask yourself “Is the relationship alright?”

Often, arguments, misunderstandings, and miscommunication can lower the power of attraction between couples. She might not feel intimate and sexually connected to you, due to such bickering. 

It could also be that they feel emotionally neglected by you, and do not want to engage in sexual tests anymore.

Not to forget, lifestyle changes are also a major factor that can halt your and your wife’s sex life. 

How to Bring Back Your Wife’s Sex Drive?

Low sex drive in a relationship can make it difficult to enjoy sexual fantasies with your partner. Thankfully, discussing with them their work schedules, engaging in conversations, and making them feel heard are great ways to turn people on.

1. Share Your Sexual Fantasies

If your lover does not engage in sexual fantasies, you can share your fantasies involving your boo and the world. 

Tell them how much you crave them, what you wanna do to their ravishing body, and more. Talk to her about your deepest fantasies, as it might help her open up to you and share her deep carnal desires. 

2. Take Her on Dates

Sometimes, if you do not treat your wife to beautiful outings and dates, they might lose their libidinal needs. 

When such is the case, taking her out on cute and romantic dates is a sure-shot way. Schedule a date at her favorite restaurant and treat her like a queen. 

Dates are loving and show that you care for them. Choose a place that is well-lit and has a romantic vibe to it. 

3. Help Her with Mental Health

When your wife is going through depressive and mental health issues, instead of leaving her alone, work on them together. 

Doing so helps build trust between each other, where she knows that her husband is there to help her. Such confidence can help bring back her libidinal cravings, and have her pound you like a dominatrix in heat. 

The Takeaway

All in all, there are various reasons behind women losing interest in sex. So if your wife has the same symptoms, have a check and see if she needs any m, medical help, loving support, or some space to explore the kind of intimacy she prefers.

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