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Published on July 9, 2024

How Chronic Anxiety Can Take a Quick Nosedive in Your Life

Now, needless to say, we’ve all experienced anxiety at some point. Maybe it was before a big presentation, during a stressful day at work, or while waiting for important news. There’s no doubt about it that a little anxiety is normal—it’s our body’s way of keeping us alert and ready to handle challenges. 

But when anxiety starts to stick around, refusing to let go, it can become a constant, unwelcome companion that affects every part of your life. It honestly gets to the point very quickly that it’s damaging physical health, too. So, this is when regular anxiety turns chronic, and that’s when things get really tricky, well, more than tricky, even worse. But can it really take a full nosedive and destroy your life?

When Anxiety Overstays Its Welcome

There’s a reason you need to see a therapist for anxiety; it’s because anxiety can destroy your life, especially when anxiety turns into chronic- that’s where it gets awful. So, just imagine anxiety as an unexpected guest. At first, it arrives with good intentions, maybe to help you prepare for that big presentation or to make sure you don’t forget your keys. 

Alright, that’s normal stuff to keep yourself in check. But what happens when that guest decides to move in permanently? They start taking over your space, your time, and your peace. Your mind is just crowded all the time with awful scenarios and self-doubt, and you’re just going to eventually no longer become you anymore. 

Actually, Disney’s Inside Out 2 offers pretty nice depictions of how sometimes anxiety can be fine, but too much is, well, damaging. Overall, chronic anxiety is like that guest—unwanted and disruptive; it makes everything harder.

You Can Expect Some Strained Relationships

It’s so important to understand that chronic anxiety doesn’t just affect you; it seeps into your relationships, too. You might find yourself avoiding social gatherings, canceling plans at the last minute, or feeling too overwhelmed to connect with friends and family. Your loved ones may not understand why you’re distant or irritable, and they might even take it personally. 

This can lead to misunderstandings and strained relationships, making you feel more isolated and anxious. There’s this snowball effect where it can be, and it will get worse if not managed immediately.

Potential Career Challenges

At work, chronic anxiety can be a major roadblock. It might make you doubt your abilities, leading to procrastination or avoidance of important tasks. You may feel paralyzed by the fear of making mistakes or being judged. Over time, this can affect your performance, and your confidence takes a hit. It’s tough to climb the career ladder when you’re constantly second-guessing yourself and struggling to keep up.

It’s Hard to Get Out of the Metal Health Spiral

At the end of the day, it’s all about your mental health (and the two above play a heavy role too). It often comes hand-in-hand with depression, creating a dual burden that’s hard to shake. You might feel stuck in a loop of negative thoughts, constantly battling feelings of hopelessness and despair. 

This can make it incredibly difficult to find the motivation to seek help or try coping strategies. Just like what was already mentioned, it’s like there’s this endless cycle, and things only get worse, and it only gets harder and harder by the day to get out of. 

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