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Published on October 5, 2023

A Curious Situation that Happened to an Argentinian Goalkeeper

by Psych Times Staff

Argentina is a country where people are extremely passionate about football. You are always invited to check 1xBet site, which can be used to wager on all exciting football matches that are played in this part of the world. Fans of Argentinian teams say, sometimes more literally than figuratively, that players should give their own lives for the squads they represent.

It was perhaps for this expectation that fans of Argentinian squad Banfield were so delighted by the actions of their goalkeeper, Facundo Cambeses. The 1xBet site can also be checked if you want to wager on other great goalkeepers too.

In order to understand this story, we need to go back to the 3rd of September 2023. On that day, his team played an Argentine league match against Instituto. Banfield won the match 1-0, with great saves by Cambeses, however, those saves weren’t the main reason why his actions were so celebrated on that day.

A dangerous play

In the 35th minute of the second half, Instituto was trying to score a goal to draw the match. At https://www.1xbet.com/en/line/football you can always wager on matches from the Argentinian football league too. The team had a free kick which resulted in a cross into Banfield’s area. It was here that Cambeses had a collision with another player, which resulted in him falling unconscious to the ground. What happened later can be summarized as follows:

  • the referee noticed that Banfield’s goalkeeper was unconscious and stopped the match;
  • Banfield’s medical team went to assist Cambeses;
  • the doctors, after assessing the goalie, signaled that a substitution was necessary.

At 1xBet you can also wager on whether a substitution will be made too. Here is when the most curious aspect happened. Cambeses woke up, and after realizing that the medical team had asked him to be replaced, he began to desperately cry, begging to keep playing. The medical staff, teammates, the referee and even an assistant coach from Banfield tried to calm him down. However, he refused to leave the field. 

“My mom doesn’t allow me”

Once the match ended, journalists interviewed the referee. You can always visit 1xbet.com/en/line/cricket – try cricket betting in addition to great football wagers too. The official said something quite curious. He said that when realizing that Cambeses was lying unconscious, he approached him and slapped his face trying to wake him up. After the goalie opened his eyes, the first phrase he said to the referee was “my mom doesn’t allow me”.

Of course, that phrase makes no sense, and it reflects that the keeper was completely lost and unaware of the situation. Feel free to try 1xBet cricket betting on other occurrences of this sport too.

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