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There are literally thousands of BetterHelp reviews that've been submitted over the years with the vast majority of them giving thanks to their respective therapists and expressing just how much the website has helped to improve their mental health.

Below, you will see a handful of recent BetterHelp reviews so you can see if this teletherapy platform is right for you. If you're interested in giving BetterHelp a try, just click the button below to get connected with a therapist. Doing so will help you to get up to $50 Off your mental health treatment.

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Recent BetterHelp Reviews:

She is definitely someone who genuinely cares for her job. Very easy to speak with and just plain comforting and honest! -C. R.

Shona Dyche

BetterHelp Reviews #217855

She is the most caring person I know helping me through my little love situation but she is amazing.

-R. A. 

Dina Posey

BetterHelp Reviews #217849

I have been grateful for my time working with Danielle. Would highly recommend.

-N. I. 

Danielle Poehlman

BetterHelp Reviews #217844

Rheena has been an invaluable part of my healing process. She listens, offers insight and helps unpack what I bring to the table. Her way of interacting creates a safe (nonjudgmental) environment to be open an honest. This was something I was hopeful to find in a counselor as sharing your life and the difficult things you've experienced requires vulnerability, and in order to be vulnerable it is helpful to know you're safe. Although I haven't utilized the chat or journal a lot, Rheena always welcomes these ways of communicating. I would recommend this counselor to anyone in need of guidance.

-S. A.

Rheena Lynne Campbell

BetterHelp Reviews #217853

Laura Brown 

BetterHelp Reviews #217848

Laura has been beyond accommodating with my crazy schedule. She’s very kind and has helped me a lot. This being my first counseling experience I was nervous, but she’s made it easy and enjoyable. I look forward to our future sessions!
-M. A.

Dayna Russo

BetterHelp Reviews #217820

I'm grateful for Dayna, my counselor. She's kind, considerate, knowledgeable, and funny. I like that she doesn't just listen to what I say, but also shares stories as well. In this time, when finding an in-person counselor is nearly impossible in some areas - I'm lucky I have her to go to!
-C. A.

Kate Ulevich

BetterHelp Reviews #217840

Kate is the first therapist I've actually enjoyed chatting with. She is a wonderful listener and makes me feel comfortable even when I'm explaining my darkest moments to her. I would highly recommend her to anyone trying to better connect and understand themselves to overcome their past traumas. Thanks, Kate!

-J. E.

Jamie Miles Haynes

BetterHelp Reviews #217816

Jamie is amazing and she the best And She is down to earth I can talk to her about anything it is no Judgement zone My mood changes for the better when I talk to her She wants the best for those she work Jamie wants you to live your best life.

-S. H.

Whitney Keefner

BetterHelp Reviews #217824

I could not be more impressed with Whitney’s empathy, insight, continues encouragement and professionalism. I think very highly of her and equally highly recommend her.

-B. R.

Joseph Murray

BetterHelp Reviews #217800

He's been amazing at listening, understanding what some of my deeper issues are, and finding the root cause of my problems and giving me advice. I really respect how gathered and accurate his targeted approach to anxiety is. He provided me with the desired framework of understanding where some of the problems I face come from, and I'm grateful for the chance to have gotten his council.
-A. B.

Very easy to communicate with. Has a relatable understanding of being in Healthcare. Straightforward. Really enjoy our sessions.

-M. I.

Crystal Williams

BetterHelp Reviews #217797

Kalene is an very professional and pushes you to think through your own issues to get to a solution.

-A. N.

Kalene McSwain-Faulkner

BetterHelp Reviews #217789

John has been exactly the voice I needed to hear while I face struggles he has helped me do better day to day. For that I am grateful.

-E. R.

John Nweke

BetterHelp Reviews #217746

Mallori was my first counselor I have ever had and I'm so glad I got matched with her. she listened to every problem I had and helped me find ways to understand it. she’s helped me so much with my everyday communication skills and just how I view myself. I've never felt more understood than when i have sessions with her. everyone in my life has made me feel crazy about my trauma, but she acknowledges it and made me feel like my feelings were finally valid. so Miss Mallori, if you see this, thank you for being my first counselor ever and helping me so much these last couple months. I'll definitely come back if I ever need help again and I hope to still be able to have her as my counselor.
-M. A.

Mallori Diez

BetterHelp Reviews #217733

Robin is an excellent therapist with great incorporation of practical holistic and science knowledge. It makes for an adventurous exploration and validation of my wounds within a safe space she provides. She listens actively and provides insights divinely. She sends me helpful worksheets to fill out relative to my stress and ways to handle it. She also speaks in my astrology language which made my situation I’m in more clear. We’re currently only on my 3rd session and I can’t wait to dive more into my pool of subconscious realm. You’re a rare gem, Robin! I recommend anyone who are dealing with emotional and mental distress to work with her
-F. I.

Robin Woolley

BetterHelp Reviews #217690

Wow! I’ve got to say my therapist is amazing. She just gets me. She has helped me dig in so deep into my self and really find the internal healing I’ve been searching for over the past few years. We have been working together for almost 4 months and I don’t know what I would have done without her. She really listens to me and understands me. She’s really good at talking me down when my anxiety is high and allowing me to feel grounded. She really is such an amazing therapist and I tell all my friends about how grateful I am that our paths crossed! Thank you For all that you do and being my crutch in this season of life!
-N. I.

Kimberlee Thomas

BetterHelp Reviews #217620

Kristin Thompson

BetterHelp Reviews #217663

Kristin has been so helpful to me. She asks questions to get you thinking and help you come to the solution in your own words. She actively listens to me and validates my feelings.
-A. N.

Nathan Kortu

BetterHelp Reviews #217658

Nathan is the best and most thoughtful therapist I’ve worked with to this day. I can tell he genuinely cares about me and wants to see me succeed. It’s great to feel that someone like Nathan is one my corner helping me through life’s many challenges. I am so grateful for him.
-C. A.

Marissa Pinto

BetterHelp Reviews #217652

Marissa has been a godsend in so many ways for me. I couldn’t imagine the success and personal growth I have been working through without her patience, understanding, and encouraging advice.
-A. L.

I am so appreciative and thankful for my counselor Andra. She is so kind, quick to respond, such a great listener and giver of wise advice and counsel, and I feel very safe to be open and vulnerable with her. She is one of the best counselors I have ever worked with and I am so grateful to have her support and expertise in my life.
-K. E.

Andra Coulter

BetterHelp Reviews #217646

Aliah Mestrovich Seay

BetterHelp Reviews #217645

Aliah is amazing. She really listens to me and understands where I'm coming from. She has also challenged me in some really positive ways. I am so thankful that I have a counselor that is so caring and knowledgeable.
-M. A.

Michelle Couture

BetterHelp Reviews #217612

Michelle gave me a lot of clarity in just a short amount of time. She recommended resources that I have found very helpful. She was kind, compassionate, understanding, and knowledgeable. I'm very thankful for the help she gave me.
-C. H.

Nichole Molnar

BetterHelp Reviews #217641

Nichole is a wonderful therapist, she listens to me and my issues and offers her help and insights to what I'm facing. I appreciate her and I would love for her to stay as my therapist.
-J. A.

Tonya Greene

BetterHelp Reviews #217605

In my first session, Tonya immediately created a safe space for me to be me and helped me to articulate those thoughts that are hard to say aloud. I'm still early in my sessions with her, but I am already beginning to see the shift in understanding that this is my life, and I get to make the decisions that are best for me without the need for others validation.
-R. I.

Emily Kalinowski 

BetterHelp Reviews #217625

I’ve been meeting with Emily for a few weeks now and she’s been really wonderful and understanding about lots of things. This is the first time I’ve ever had any sort of therapy and she’s really helped me feel at ease.
-R. O.

Sarah Spund

BetterHelp Reviews #217598

Sarah is nice, welcoming, non judgmental and makes your feel comfortable. She reaches out to you and is easy to get in touch with. I would highly recommend her as a counselor!!

-K. I.

Terry Janelle

BetterHelp Reviews #217595

Terry is an awesome counselor. I have only been using the messaging part because that is what is easiest for me. She seems to still understand what I’m saying and how I’m feeling.
-J. E.

Josh has been great. It only took a session for him to point out a few things I could stand to work on and it instantly made a difference. It's only been uphill from there!
-S. E.

Josh Reed

BetterHelp Reviews #217592

Giovanna Agostinelli

BetterHelp Reviews #217586

Giovanna has been amazing. She's really helped me a lot since I've been working with her. She listens, responds very quickly when I need and I genuinely feel like she is invested in supporting me.
-A. N.

Really amazing! I didn't know how it would start and felt awkward but she made me feel welcome and we got down to business and it's been a joyride since the start. Definitely would recommend.
-S. A.

Christina Taylor

BetterHelp Reviews #217573

Andrea Bednarz

BetterHelp Reviews #217571

I’ve been counselling with Andrea for a couple months now. I really appreciate her ability to listen and help me see alternative perspectives. Homework that she supplies is relevant and helpful. If you’re looking for a therapist who is both genuine and authentic - Andrea meets those criteria. Would recommend her to anyone!
-D. E.

Kenitres Wiley

BetterHelp Reviews #217559

Kenitres has been great to work with. She is very kind and understanding and I feel like she really gets where I am coming from and where I would like my healing journey to take me. Kenitres has also worked with me to find appointment times that we are both happy and comfortable with, which has made the experience much easier and more enjoyable for me. I am excited to continue to work with Kenitres and trust that I am in good hands.
-L. A.

Katie Strub

BetterHelp Reviews #217524

I only got to do counseling with Katie for a short time, but she was so so wonderful! She listened, validated, offered solutions and suggestions, really worked through the things WITH me, and was overall kind and caring. I never knew text therapy could be so effective and useful! I highly, HIGHLY recommend Katie!!!
-B. R.

I have had 3 sessions so far with Dr. kireem, and they've been very helpful in starting to explore some issues I'm dealing with. Also he reached out via messages every now and then to check up which is very good. I'm looking forward to continue working with him most certainly!
-O. M.

Dr. Amr Kireem | BetterHelp Reviews #217523

Love Arian’s warm and calm manner during counseling sessions. She makes you feel respected, cared for and being listened to. It is such a relieve after being matched with two counselors who didn’t have any time for scheduling and responds coldly. I feel lucky to find her.
-Y. U.

Arian Englesson | BetterHelp Reviews #217518

It's been only a couple sessions with Dr. Gipple and already it's been a pleasure to be have her as counselor. She's very attentive and truly listens. I am learning to see things differently and to have a more positive approach to challenging situations.

-M. A.

Dr. Deborah Gipple

BetterHelp reviews #217516

Justina has been instrumental in my emotional healing and growth. She meets me where I’m at and has so much patience and kindness, along with constructive feedback and encouragement to give. So grateful for her!
-C. H.

Justina Heredia

BetterHelp reviews #217506

Misti has been an amazing counselor. She makes me feel heard and understood. She has helped me navigate through difficult times, and I would definitely recommend her to others struggling with depression or anxiety.
-K. A.

Misti Slaughter

BetterHelp reviews #217499

Lindsey is a great help to me in dealing with life transitions. She is great at helping me recognize things in myself that I hadn't previously identified and what those things mean for my interactions with the world. She communicates with me regularly outside of our scheduled sessions which helps those sessions be even more productive. She is very organized and always starts our sessions on time.

-E. L.

Lindsey Reeves

BetterHelp Reviews #217497

This has been one of the most difficult things to do in my life, signing up for therapy and sticking with it for a year. Rachael was the first and only counselor I have talked to and she has always made me feel comfortable and able to open my mind to how deal with personal habits and changing those negative ones. This has been such an amazing experience and Rachael always makes time even outside of her schedule for what best helps me and my schedule.
-A. L.

Rachael Schipp

BetterHelp Reviews #217483

She is a great woman. I’ve only had one session so far but she made it really easy for me to talk to her and let me lead the conversation so she could understand and get to know me better so she can help me out more. If anyone reads this and is new to this therapist process I recommend you talk to Kristel I promise you won’t regret it I am excited for her to help me more and get me through this journey
-R. E.

Kristel Avilus

BetterHelp Reviews #217442

100/10 Alaiyia is the best therapist I've had. She leads with empathy and follows up with practical insight. In the short time we've seen each other, I've put in the work, and she's walked me through my own transformation. She helped me process how my childhood trauma was affecting my day to day, and corrected me with practical ways to put in the work. I was in a place of inaction (I literally got nothing I intended to do done for the past two years) and a love filled marriage haunted by the byproduct of unaddressed issues, to now taking action daily, living motivated and confident, aware of my shortcomings and coming to terms with the insecurities rooted in my past, and in a place with my wife where we can really start moving forward in our marriage, family and future. So much breakthrough in such a short amount of time. Highly recommend.
-A. A.

Alaiyia Williams

BetterHelp Reviews #217462

She is the most professional therapist that feels like she is your sister, best friend, mom, auntie, cousin, favorite teacher, most trusted medical professional EVER!!!!
-S. T.

Conisha Hill

BetterHelp Reviews #217439

He is insightful and intuitive. I think I have found someone to really help me resolve issues. I have hope in finding a more confident and better way to see things.
-B. R.

James White

BetterHelp Reviews #217435

Counseling sessions with Dr. Sevak- Patel has been very beneficial to my mental health. She is able to provide great support with reasonable action steps.
-A. N.

Riddhi Sevak-Patel

BetterHelp Reviews #217419

I have absolutely LOVE working with Laurie! She has really helped me de-construct why it is I feel about certain things and has been very helpful!
-S. A.

Laurie Pittman

BetterHelp Reviews #217420

Dr. Jones is kind, professional and very approachable. Working with her has been such a positive and uplifting experience.
-K. A.

Dr. Shyra Jones

BetterHelp Reviews #217388

Corrine is super nice, knowledgeable, and i felt comfortable opening up to her about some of the things I've been going through.

-D. A.

Corrine Miller

BetterHelp Reviews #217368

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