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Published on December 15, 2023

5 Key Factors to Consider When Selecting a Trucking Company

Trucking services are essential to delivering freight, and finding a trustworthy company to partner with is paramount. Whether you’re a shipper or business owner, there are a few key factors to consider.

Ensure the trucking company prioritizes safety and follows strict protocols. They should also offer a range of load sizes to accommodate your shipment needs.


The city’s trucking companies offer many services, including LTL, FTL, and hotshot hauls. They also provide dependable drivers and well-maintained trucks. Choosing an experienced trucking company can help you save time and money on transportation costs.

The transportation & logistics sector is an established industrial cluster with solid support from all levels of government and industry partners. The sector includes an advanced supply chain, skilled logistics-related talent, a critical mass of providers and servicers, global air access, and a network of ground transportation infrastructure, including one of the largest airports, significant highways north-south and east-west, two Class 1 railway lines with continental reach, and local feeder rail networks.

Getting started in the trucking business requires extensive paperwork, a unique USDOT number, and an EIN (employer identification number). In addition to these legal requirements, new companies must pay heavy vehicle use taxes and register with the Unified Carrier Registration system. A good trucking company will have the expertise to handle all these administrative tasks for their clients.

Customer Service

While many trucking companies say they put customer service first, you can only judge their commitment to customers based on their actions. Look at online reviews and testimonials to see how they treat their clients. Often, it is the small things that can make all the difference.

You will also want to find out if they offer after-hours shipping and how long it takes them to respond to your queries. Also, ask about their guarantee policy. If a company is willing to provide more guarantees, they have confidence in their services and are eager to back them up.

As a central transportation hub, Calgary offers a competitive business environment for freight forwarders. Its rich natural resources and robust economy provide consistent demand for trucking services. Moreover, it has a strategic location and is well-positioned on international trade routes. Setting up a trucking company in Calgary is easy with a skilled workforce and streamlined regulatory processes. The province offers competitive insurance rates, fuel prices, and maintenance costs to help truckers maximize their profits.


When looking for trucking companies in Calgary to handle your freight shipping, be sure they prioritize safety. Ask about their training stipulations and whether they are involved in industry associations to stay on top of news, shifts, and safety protocols. Also, inquire about their hiring standards and if they do drug and alcohol testing. Look for a low turnover rate, indicating they value their employees.

They should adhere to cargo weight and size restrictions stipulated by regulatory authorities to ensure road safety and avoid infrastructure damage. Additionally, they should strictly comply with hours of service regulations to prevent driver fatigue.

It would help if you verified that the company has the necessary licensing and registration requirements to operate. This includes having the authority to act (MC number) and ensuring they have the correct insurance coverage for your freight. They should also keep accurate records and documentation for their vehicles, drivers, and cargo. These documents are necessary for compliance audits and inspections. This helps them maintain a positive reputation, protect their business from legal penalties, and ensure the safety of their passengers and cargo.

Fleet & Equipment

The right trucking company can offer a full range of services for transporting products and materials from one place to another. They will use a variety of vehicles, such as flatbeds, dry vans, hotshots, or refrigerated trucks, to ensure your shipment arrives safely and securely. They can also help you find premium freight lanes and competitive settlements.

Based out of Calgary, Alberta, this well-managed small company has late-model equipment and hires solo and team drivers and owner-operators. They specialize in tanker, bulk, and flatbed trucking and are known to pay their driver well. They have terminals throughout Canada and the U.S.

This temperature-controlled, intermodal service carrier has an excellent reputation for low driver turnover. They pay their drivers well and have terminals. They also offer a driver finishing program for new professional truck drivers. This is a good option for those looking to get into the industry.


Whether you need to move full or partial loads, it’s essential that your trucking company can accommodate your needs. Look for a firm that prioritizes routes to ensure that your cargo gets to its destination on time. You also want to find out if a company’s trade routes work for you and if they offer flexibility.

Flexibility refers to the ability of muscles, joints, and soft tissues to move through a pain-free range of motion. This can be assessed by a physical exam or with a goniometer, which measures angles and range of motion using two thin extensions.

The transportation industry is constantly changing, and a suitable freight transporter will be flexible enough to adapt to new rules, regulations, and shifts in customer demand. You also want to look for an active company in its industry by attending trade shows and participating in transportation association organizations. This will help them stay up-to-date on news and industry shifts. It will also show that they are committed to leading their industry and maintaining high service levels.

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