Published on September 28, 2023

Benefits of Using webp to png Converter

No article is complete without an image. Image is the beauty of an article that gives an overview of a topic and makes the article attractive but images are heavier and  a webpage takes a long  time to load. Therefore google created a special type of image format to make online images less bulkier and can be compressed easily. A smaller size of image will download the page faster hence user experience also improves.

The webp is a compressed image and much smaller in size than PNG and JPEG. PNG is also used for web but not specifically for web designs. Graphic designers do not work on webp images. PNG image format is used when transparency is needed. Most software do not support webp file hence a conversion of webp file necessary for editing. webp to png converter is used to turn WEBP to PNG file. Online tools make it easy to turn webp to png with a single click. 

WEBP to PNG Conversion Need

The conversion of webp to png is needed for several reasons:

1. Compatibility 

Webp has compatibility issues with software and some browsers.Because it is a novel file format, it is not supported by older browsers. Webp is a new image format that promises better compression and a reduced file size than JPEG.To view or edit the image file convert webp to png using PNG is a widely used format supported by a wide range of devices and platforms. 

2. Lossless conversion

It is critical in picture conversion that the image quality is not lost during the process. As a result, is a trusted source for converting WebP to PNG files. A lossless file conversion is required for graphic design and professional photography. Original photographs must be kept in the best possible condition. 

3. Transparency

PNG is the best choice for images that require transparency. PNG enables high-quality transparency, making it ideal for images with translucent backgrounds or semi-transparent elements. The conversion of WebP to PNG ensures that transparency is kept without sacrificing quality. 

4. For Editing Purpose

PNG is a popular graphic design format that is also used on websites, although the picture size is slightly greater than webp. Image software applications can be used to modify PNG files. The benefit of converting webp to PNG is that PNG images can be edited, modified, or enhanced using popular image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. 

5. Online Sharing 

PNG is a more prevalent picture format that is supported by many social networking networks, whereas webp does not. A conversion is required when distributing photographs from the web to other platforms. Converting WEBP to PNG ensures that the image is accessible to the biggest possible audience. 


Without a doubt, the webp image format is primarily intended for uploading images to websites in order to save loading time. However, webP to PNG conversion is still required to address unique use cases, editing purposes, and compatibility requirements. 

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