Published on January 4, 2023

Blogging Basics: How to Uplift a Blog Rankings

In this tech-driven world, blogging is considered one of the most lucrative fields. If done right, blogging can help you earn massive sums of money. However, your blog won’t start raising your profits without investing any effort. 

It’s essential to know that the blogs you publish must provide value to the readers to make them perform well on the web. One of the important things to consider for blogging successfully is to help your blogs obtain rankings on the search engine result pages. Search engines are perceived as the primary source for blogs to drive organic traffic. 

If your blog covers the basics and follows the right tactics, its rankings on SERP can improve. However, things can turn upside down, and your blog rankings can face a decline due to a bad strategy. 

You can prevent yourself from facing such a hassle by following the tips discussed in this blog. Here, we will highlight the blogging basics that can help you uplift your blog rankings

So let’s start looking into them without any further ado!

Find Trending Topics

To help your blog turn successful and obtain improved rankings on search results, you must come up with trending topics related to your niche. If you manage to do so, it will give you an automatic edge over other blogs in the competition. New trends come and go, but people never stop searching for them. 

Instead of taking it as a waste of time, you should focus on generating content around hot topics. It will allow the readers to perceive you as an authority, as you’ll reflect your awareness of the latest trends through blogs. Eventually, your blogs can find a top position on search engine results against relevant queries.

Target Specific & Relevant Keywords

Finding relevant keywords and positioning them precisely in the right areas is another important tip you must follow to uplift your blog rankings. 

Without keywords, search engines won’t know what specific terms it must give you a rank on to match the searchers’ queries. 

Keywords are an integral part of any content that needs to be ranked on SERP. You cannot expect a blog to gain high-ranking search results without incorporating relevant keywords. It’s also essential not to overstuff the keywords, as it will be taken as a negative factor and cause a decline in your blog rankings.

Use Quality Content for Blog Posts

Content plays an important part in blogging, so you should create quality content for your blog posts. Without ensuring quality in content you upload on your blog, it won’t contain any worth in the eyes of the visitors. Here are the elements that you need to consider to come up with quality content for blog posts.

Produce Lengthy Content

As per the statistics, blogs containing lengthy content obtain better rankings on search results as compared to blogs that contain thin content. The reason behind this difference is that the search engines desire to rank those pages above that offer readers in-depth content on the topics they are searching for. 

The lengthy content is considered thoroughly researched and more valuable for the readers, as they can easily find answers to all of their queries on one platform instead of going through multiple ones. 

However, to achieve this factor, you must never get distracted and start producing lengthy content unwantedly by making repetitions or including irrelevant data. 

Besides offering lengthy content, you also need to ensure that all the information is interlinked with no repetition or vague info.

Ensure the Uniqueness of Content

Google and other search engines love fresh content, and the blogs that ensure uniqueness in their content win the race and get a boost in rankings on search results. You need to make sure that whatever content you’re sharing in your blogs is solely based on your own research. If you simply copy-paste data from other sources, it won’t do the trick. 

Instead, it can drop your rankings on search engine result pages. Therefore, it’s essential to keep things original and don’t get involved in any sort of duplication. 

An online plagiarism checker can help you ensure uniqueness in your content. The tool works on advanced algorithms that smartly identify the chunks of duplication existing in any sort of content. Before publishing a blog, you must pass it through a plagiarism detector to ensure that not even a single percent of the text in your blog is copied, intentionally or unintentionally. 


The important tip is thoroughly proofread content before publishing it. Proofreading allows you to eradicate all kinds of errors existing in content. 

When writers are fully involved in writing, they can easily make typos and grammatical errors. There is no harm in making mistakes, but leaving them without any rectification can land you in a severe problem. Hence, it’s recommended not to leave the proofreading process out of your blogging journey. 

Besides identifying grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax errors, proofreading will also allow you to polish your content. 

For instance, while going through the headlines and subheadings, you may get a better idea to capture the readers’ attention. 

Similarly, you can also check the usage of keywords during the proofreading process.

Improve Page Loading Speed

While focusing on producing quality content, you must not forget the technical things that play a vital role in the success of your blog in the eyes of both search engines and the audience. 

Here, we are talking about the experience you are offering to the visitors of your blog. When visitors get attracted to a title and its description on a search engine, they click it with interest and wish to go through its content. 

However, before reaching content, your website speed will determine whether the readers will stick to your blog or bounce back. 

If your blogs contain large-sized images, it will increase the burden on servers, and the page loading speed will slow down. To prevent this from happening and improve page loading speed, you should reduce image size with an image compressor. All the images you include in your blog should be compressed to keep your page loading speed high.

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