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Published on February 2, 2024

Causes of Truck Accidents in Colorado Springs and When to Seek Legal Help

The trucking industry has prominence in Colorado and across the United States. The huge tractor-trailers are accountable for transporting several tons of cargo all across the country daily. If you look at Colorado specifically, the trucking industry offers over 110,000 jobs.

However, irrespective of the huge contributions that this industry has made to the Colorado economy, big commercial trucks often witness crashes, causing both injuries and deaths. Close to 70% of all fatal truck accidents take place in rural locations, usually on highways and interstate roads. Even the long stretches of thin roads and wide-open spaces face accidents.

One of the most common causes of truck accidents is speeding. Big trucks must take more time and distance to slow down and stop compared to other passenger vehicles. In this article, we will delve into the causes of truck accidents in Colorado Springs and how a lawyer can be of help should you face one.

Truck Crashes in Colorado Springs: The Main Causes

Any truck accident can be extremely dangerous, and these heavy vehicles can cause severe damage to small motor vehicles, resulting in property damage, debilitating injuries, and fatalities. If you encounter such an accident, you can take legal action by getting in touch with a Colorado Springs personal injury attorney.

Several reasons result in truck accidents in Colorado Springs annually. Some of the common causes include:

Drowsy Driving

The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) had imposed rigid limits on the hours that a truck driver can work without a break. The objective of these regulations is to ensure that truck drivers in Colorado Springs get proper rest that can avoid drowsy driving. There are a few truck drivers who ignore such rules and tend to drive for more hours than approved.

A tired truck driver might fall asleep and lose complete control of the vehicle, which results in a severe crash. The driver can shift to other lanes unintentionally and collide with the oncoming vehicles. Fatigue can affect motor skills, reaction time, and judgment. The truck driver might not respond to unanticipated hazards and that can cause an accident.

Distracted Driving

It is necessary not to get distracted while driving. Even a small distraction can result in a truck crash and can lead to broken bones, severe cuts and bruises, internal injuries and bleeding, and head and spinal cord injuries.

Ways in which truck drivers can get distracted are:

  • Drink or eat while driving
  • Operating a radio in the truck while driving
  • Talking to or texting someone while driving
  • Trying to reach for items inside the vehicle
  • Speaking to a dispatcher or a passenger

Presence of Objects on Roads

Objects lying on the road can result in ample danger to trucks. Owing to their enormous size, the trucks find it challenging to stop for debris present on the road. No one can predict when a wild animal will enter the road. That aside, there can be other vehicle parts strewn across the street which can pierce the truck tyres and cause an accident. Drivers must have a secured load to avoid debris resulting in truck accidents.

Equipment Failures

Trucks must stay in stable working condition so that they are secure on the roads. The companies where truck drivers are employed are legally obligated to ensure that the vehicles are in stable condition. A truck must have routine maintenance. When there are issues, it is necessary to fix the truck before it gets back on the roads. Equipment failures can result in truck accidents, causing harm to the victims.

Driving Under Influence

Drugs and alcohol can affect judgment, motor skills, and focus, so truck drivers should refrain from driving under the influence. However, some drivers often consume drugs or alcohol while driving, which leads to severe damage. There are a few truck drivers who depend on amphetamines and other illicit drugs so that they remain awake for a long time when on the streets in Colorado.

According to FMCSA data, positive drug tests done on commercial drivers had gone up by 8% in September 2020. The positive tests contributed to almost 82% of the violations that were reported to the agency. Such trends are concerning and can pose risks for Colorado truck drivers.

Springs Law Group states that if you encounter a truck accident, you should know the reason behind the crash and seek legal recourse. Ideally, it is best to contact a lawyer and share every minute detail of the accident with them so they can start an investigation and decide whether you are eligible for legal compensation. If you are, they will make the most of the evidence available to prepare a compelling case so that the verdict is in your favor.

Finally, no one wants to encounter a truck accident and get severely injured. But for street accidents, no one can predict, but they should ensure that they take the necessary precautions that will enable them to be safe. The causes mentioned above are what result in truck accidents in Colorado Springs. Once drivers learn about this, it can prevent crashes to a vast extent.

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