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Published on April 3, 2024

Cesca Chair; Marcel Breuer Legacy that Has Changed the Furniture World

The Cesca chair, a masterpiece of contemporary design boasts an incredible history and a long-lasting impact. Created and invented by Hungarian-American architect Marcel Breuer, it has transformed the design and aesthetics of furniture across the world. This paper delves into the chair’s history, its outstanding features, its modern uses, and the impacts it has on society.

The origin

The history of Cesca chair can be traced back to 1928. It was created by Marcel Breuer, a Hungarian American architect, as a tribute to his adopted daughter Francesca nicknamed Cesca. The design was inspired by the tubular frame, of Breuer’s bicycle, which he used to ride when he was a student at Bauhaus School.

Breuer was pleased by the lightness and strength of the tubular steel. That inspired him to use them for his furniture designs. Over time, the usage of Cesca chairs expanded in scope.  Through a collaboration with manufacturers such as Thonet, which led to the mass production of the chairs with tubular steel frames and caned seats

 Cesca chairs have undergone various changes with time. In 1960, the rights to design the chairs were acquired by an Italian manufacturer known as Knoll Group. Currently, Cesca chairs remain a desirable piece of furniture with authentic vintage attracting high prices in the furniture world.

Its strengths

The great impact of Cesca chairs can be attributed to their strengths.

  • Flexibility

Due to their clear designs and simple nature, Cesca chairs can easily be integrated into various settings

  • Strength

The compounding of tubular steel and locally hand- woven rattan creates a chair that cannot easily break

  • Great comfort

The cantilevered chrome frame provides the user with an experience of comfort

Modern uses of Cesca chairs 

The traditional four-legged seats were heavy and did not provide enough comfort. In that regard, People opted to use Cesca chairs for their springiness and the comfort that comes with the traditionally caned designs. Some of its uses include 

  • Home office chair

Cesca chairs are the best options for people who work from home or spend an equitable amount of time at their home office. The Cesca chair’s protective design enables one to sit comfortably and maintain a good posture for a long period of time.

  • Dining room chair

Due to their springy and supportive nature, Cesca chairs provide comfort to you while you take your meals. Further, their design adds a contemporary touch to a dining table.

  • Balcony seat

A Cesca chair on the balcony creates a comfortable environment when reading a book, or when sipping coffee while watching the sunset.

  • Investment segment

Original vintage Cesca chairs are considered to be collectible pieces and can be very costly. The current developments on the design go for a fair price while still maintaining the original quality.

  • Aesthetic purposes

A single piece of a Cesca chair can be used to add an aesthetic touch to a building. For instance, placing a Cesca chair in the corner of a living room gives the whole room a unique and modern touch of elegance.

  • Mix-match

The multifaceted nature of the chair allows for ingenious uses. One can contemplate mixing a vintage Cesca chair with modern furniture to create an admirable environment.

  • Guest room chairs.

Due to their comfortable nature and style, Cesca chairs can be used to provide extra sitting in guest rooms.

The impact of Cesca Chairs in modern society

The design of Cesca chairs goes beyond innovation. It is evidence of revolution and the constant developments in the furniture world. The piece of furniture continues to make an impact in the furniture world through the following ways;

  • Normalizing design

Its collaboration with Thonet in 1928 enabled the mass production of Cesca chairs. This made them to be easily accessible to everyone at an affordable price. Today, so many manufacturing companies are making Cesca chairs that are available to everyone

  • Influencing furniture design

The successful outcome of Cesca chairs in 1928, inspired the worldwide use of tubular steel material in the furniture world


The benefits of a Cesca Chair extend beyond just being a seat.it is a testament to invention and the foundation to modern design that continually inspires the furniture world today.

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