Published on August 24, 2023

How to Convert Image to Excel with OCR Technology

by Psych Times Staff

Transforming images to an Excel spreadsheet is pretty simple as there are a bulk of solutions available to process legitimate conversions. However proceeding with one best converter seems a challenging task, and not all of them perform consistently. Thus, we have come up with the best photo Excel converter that does not require tremendous time and effort to convert JPG or other images to Excel spreadsheets. 

Did you Know?

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a full-fledged process that is mainly taken into account to change images or scanned documents into actionable digital copies. When it comes to extracting image text and storing it in an editable Excel file, the OCR converter plays a crucial role. You can experience OCR-based conversion with this image to excel converter that is mainly considered to convert photos to Excel without any distraction.


Get this top-notch website that is mainly used for converting your stored photos into Excel spreadsheets effortlessly. You can start using this desktop-based solution for converting PDFs and images with a single go. Convert jpg to xlsx format with high-quality results by using online image to excel converter. Its tool processes with OCR, it first scans, recognizes, and then swiftly extracts the text without any hassle. 

Why Use?

  • Fast jpg to Excel converter
  • Good quality results while exporting the images as Excel
  • Process images, scanned documents, or stand-alone PDF files with OCR
  • Editable converted Excel spreadsheets
  • Innumerable export formats

Why Don’t you?

  • Distort the resultant files completely while making conversions for complicated and large files

How to Convert JPG to Excel Spreadsheet with Online2pdf?

  • Click the “Select Files” option to add your stored images to this picture to the Excel converter online
  • Then, choose Excel for the converted format and also make a selection for the image language with OCR options: Remember that users can easily customize the converted Excel spreadsheet (if essential)
  • Click COnvert
  • When the image-to-Excel conversion is completed, the Excel file will be downloaded automatically


You can now convert up to 20 images at once into MS Excel format with the Optical Character Recognition process. The amazing thing is that both single or batch file conversion is fully free with this online image to excel converter. Its interface is straightforward, no special skills are required to export your photos as Excel file formats. Besides Excel, this converter allows you to convert images to csv, pdf, odt, doc, docx, and more. 

In addition to that, no matter what type of format you want to convert to and from PDF, this online desktop-based solution proceeds at an optimal level.

Why Use?

  • No huge manual intervention takes place while making any file conversion
  • Best and easy-to-use image to Excel converter online
  • 100% free utility for batch file transformation without any quality loss
  • No sign up
  • Navigate with the quality preservation feature

Why Don’t you?

  • Ads loaded interface

How to Convert Images to Excel files online?

  • Open your web-based browser > Type the image into Excel converter by theonlineconverter
  • Start adding your desired images that you want to convert, now Choose the export document formats according to your desire including odt, pdf, xls, xlsx, doc, docx, CSV, and more
  • Click Convert
  • Download all the newly converted files at once with a single click


This is another platform that you need to explore regarding Optical Character Recognition conversions for free. Get an online image to excel converter from this free online application that takes less than a minute to extract text from the image and store it into a spreadsheet. Despite that, now you can enjoy image to text, png-to-text, png to excel, jpg to doc, and specific other OCR-dependent conversions by using this platform. 

Why Use?

  • No results distraction while exporting one or couple of files at once
  • 100% free 
  • No sign-up up required to process conversions with any online converters
  • Simple interface with super-fast speed

Why Don’t you?

  • Sometimes consumes time to process a large number of files at once while converting in batches

How to Change an Image to Excel with Cardscanner?

  • Open any web-browser, open cardscanner > More Tools > JPG to Excel converter
  • Add one or couple of images at once into this OCR conversion tool
  • Click Convert
  • Download your converted Excel files online


 This is one of the most useful images of Excel converters around the internet that comes with the top position in the Google search engine. Remember that the conversion from picture to Excel is 100% free from this legitimate source, just drag and drop to attain the newly converted files. No watermark and even the installation processes take place while making images to Excel and other file transformations.

Why Use?

  • Perfect image to Excel spreadsheet conversions with advanced OCR
  • Powerful tools for single or even multiple (batch) files conversion
  • No sign up
  • No installation
  • Single-click download batch files

Why Don’t you?

  • Sometimes consume time for converting a complicated or bulk files

How to Convert Image to Excel with OnlineOCR?

  • First, open image to Excel converter by the online OCR and start adding one or more images at once into the designated area
  • After uploading, choice for the output (export) formats according to your need
  • Click Convert
  • Download all converted Excel files with a single click for free of cost

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