Published on December 15, 2022

How to Use Animation Videos to Increase Sales

By creating sales animation videos using a professional animation maker like Vista Create, companies can quickly and easily create consumable media versions of their sales pitches. Some claim that animated commercials don’t even feel like commercials.

When using animation videos to increase sales, it’s essential to have a strong legal foundation for your business; utilizing LLC Formation Services can help streamline the process and ensure your venture operates smoothly and in compliance with all regulations.

The use of animation has expanded beyond studios in recent years. Big businesses are just some of the ones using this method to boost their revenue. Read this post if you wish to increase sales with the help of animated videos, too.

Set Objectives and Design a Marketing Strategy

It’s essential to get marketing strategy going with a clear understanding of your sales program’s ultimate objective and intended methods of achieving that end. First and foremost, you must determine the following:

  • What should be said in the sales video, and why?
  • Which demographics do you hope to reach?
  • How will your intended viewers be exposed to the video?
  • When people finish viewing your video, what do you want them to do (get in touch with you, download an app, sign up for a free account, etc.)?

Research and Script Writing

Having settled on the major themes, you can begin writing the script. The storytelling should correspond to the style of your intended viewers’ preferred video platforms, like Instagram or TikTok. It encourages consumers to take action after they’ve watched your sales video.

For your animated sales video, we advise utilizing the following formula:

  1. Provide a preview of what you have to say.
  2. The content should be educational.
  3. Include a summary of what was said in the video.

This time-tested method of capturing an audience’s attention begins with an intriguing prologue. After getting their attention, show how your product or service will improve the viewers’ lives with high-value content. Finally, have a call to action at the end of your script that explains how they may obtain your solution and a reminder of the benefits they will receive.

Producing an Engaging Storyboard

The creation of a storyboard follows the acceptance of your script for production. Storyboarding involves sketching out what images are needed for each line of dialogue. When creating an animated sales video, it’s important to think of graphics that clearly show the viewers how using your product or service would better their lives.

If you’re making an animated sales video, you may save money on production by drawing out the storyboard and providing it to the animators.

Have an Expressive Voice Over

Next, get a voiceover done for the ad. Find three to five voice actors you like and hire them to read the opening few lines of your script. This way, you may hear samples of the voice actor’s work before hiring them. Before paying them for a full voiceover, test it to ensure you like the tempo, tone, and delivery.

Get a Suitable Soundtrack

An engaging soundtrack may breathe new life into your animation and keep the audience immersed in the content. Aim for music that has a good amount of energy and goes well with the cartoon’s images and voiceover.

Prepare Engaging Illustration

The video editors need proper artwork to complete the animated video. This is a task for illustrators, not animators. Share your branding standards and any research you’ve done on the aesthetic preferences of your target demographic with your design team. Modern artists typically have experience with the kind of streamlined visual elements that help your message shine in a business setting.

The artists will start by picking a key part of your animation and making a few concept drawings for you to look at and decide on. They will generate all the art for your animated video once you study the concept art and provide input, considering your desired style. You will have one more chance to look at the artwork and give feedback before the final stage of production.

The Animation Process

After the artwork is approved, the soundtrack is chosen, and the voiceovers are recorded, it’s time for some animation! Animating a video clip lasting one minute typically takes a week. 

Distribute the initial copy to your in-house staff and members of your target audience as soon as it is ready. Before you spend time, money, and energy promoting your animated sales video, make any changes that are needed to make sure the message gets across to your target audience.

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