Published on September 20, 2023

What Are the Most Popular Image to Text Converters?

by Psych Times Staff

The emergence of advanced technologies has led to the development of many algorithms, making many tasks easier than ever. One of them is transferring data written on paper to digitally editable text. In the old days, the data conserved as bulky paper files was converted to digital text using manual typing. Businesses and organizations require extensive resources for this purpose. You may find rare applications of this conversion method even these days. 

However, the introduction of the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) algorithm has made the conversion of text preserved in the form of bulky paper files to digital text easier. Now, businesses and organizations can easily convert their confidential data from paper to digital text. Businesses can now take photos of pages and take the help of tools using OCR to convert data from image to text. This possibility helps them save money that went into preserving data and keeping it accessible to various people.

This easy accessibility by various employees helps businesses ensure higher productivity because they can now save the data on cloud and custom servers without worrying about loss. The OCR also ensures higher accuracy, which is impossible with manual conversion. Moreover, image to text conversion is also beneficial for various personal and professional applications. Here are some highly efficient tools that can help businesses and individuals convert data from image to text easily. 

Further details are given below.


DupliChecker’s image to text converter is a highly beneficial tool everyone can use for free. The convenient interface of this tool makes it super easy to use for everyone. You can convert data from an image to text online using this tool. It is usable on various devices. This photo to text converter supports multiple languages. Another great thing about this tool is its ability to scan and extract data from low-resolution images with minimal chances of error. 

Users can also use it to convert images of hand-written notes to get the text in digitally editable form. It also supports multiple image file formats, so users don’t have to do anything first to convert data from a photo to text using this efficient tool. After conversion, users can download text files on their devices. This tool ensures 100% security of confidential data, and the images uploaded on it get removed shortly after the conversion process. 


As the name suggests, this website hosts a tool capable of converting data saved from photo to text. This image to text converter is easily accessible online through various devices. You can upload images from your device’s local storage and convert them to text online. Users can also import image files from popular cloud storage platforms. It offers a friendly interface to make picture to text conversion easier for users. 

It doesn’t require users to go through any registration process to use the tool. This tool supports multiple commonly used image file formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and WebP, for photo to text conversion. This tool also supports the extraction of text written in multiple languages. Hence, you can extract non-English content from images and save it digitally using this tool. The best part is this tool is also free to use.


When discussing popular image to text converters, you must pay attention to the tool on this website. It is purposefully built to host a highly efficient photo to text converter. This tool can do much more than just image to text conversion as it allows users to convert files from PDF to Word and TXT files, making the content featured by PDFs editable. Users can use this efficient conversion tool without paying a single dime. 

As it is an online tool, it doesn’t require installation to convert images to text. Users can access it online through any device and use it per their requirements. Moreover, they don’t have to worry about the compatibility of the OS of a device with this picture to text converter while using it. The tool is capable of scanning and extracting text from images quickly. Hence, you can convert data from an image to text in seconds.


The name of the website suggests the purpose of this website. It hosts an online OCR-based tool capable of converting data from image to text using AI, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision. Users can easily access this tool online using multiple devices, including smartphones, computers, and tablets, without worrying about the compatibility of this tool with their OS.

This tool is also free to use and requires no login or sign-up. Users can convert the content from images to text upfront while using it. It comes with a friendly interface and can support extracting text written in multiple languages. The only limitation of this image to text converter is its inability to support picture to text conversion of images having file sizes larger than 15 MB.  

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