Published on July 14, 2023

Sunwave Software: An Easy Guide

An electronic medical record system called Sunwave EMR is cloud-based, and it aids small to large healthcare organizations in managing patient information and streamlining clinical processes. The medical team can manage patient placement, stay, discharge, and nursing thanks to the treatment plans, clinical notes, and ASAM forms included in this documentation. 

Sunwave Software Features 

Employees can use a WYSIWYG form builder to customize patient forms according to processes using the HIPAA-compliant solution, and after completing audits on charts, they can get reminders when forms are overdue. By automatically completing form fields, Sunwave EMR aids hospitals in streamlining the admission procedure for frequent patients. Before beginning treatments, doctors can also keep an eye on their patients’ monthly drug histories, get alerts when new prescriptions are made, and keep track of any out-of-date meds. 

There are some much sought-after features that this software offers that support the above-mentioned tasks, let us explore some of the most talked about features.   

Revenue Management  

Its integrated CRM tools boost customer feedback. It offers patient-centered electronic medical record (EMR) solutions that enhance behavioral health legislation. Revenue cycle management is a tool that hospitals can use to better manage their financial flow. With the use of Sunwave Health’s Alumni Management system, you can immediately track patient progress and treatment results. It offers collaboration dashboards that have several coordinated touchpoints available through them.  

Checklists and Marketing Tracking 

Checklists for EMR Sunwave admission can be used to control patient arrival and management. You may increase your clientele by identifying your referrals sources, which also simplifies managing your marketing campaigns. Measuring real return on investment (ROI) makes marketing tracking and ad management easier. By way of a medication directory, it offers medication management. Through video calling, you may hold virtual meetings. It offers total financial management by comparing AMAs and KPI reporting tools.   

Patient Satisfaction 

Through RCM and graduates, it offers a comprehensive perspective of operations. Prior to a consultation, treatment authorization gives the patient satisfaction. By managing the entire admission to the treatment process, you can enhance your behavioral health intake procedure. It streamlines your regular patient care procedures with thorough medical admission dashboards.   

Clinical Documentation  

With the aid of a central clinical database, a smooth flow of patient data, and strong on-demand reporting, you can facilitate compliant documentation, including evaluations and notes, and create treatment plans. Examine the use of medications and the rationale for their use. Track the administration of medications.   

Claims and Reminders 

Using its verification engine, which has over 150 rules customized based on payers, submit claims after executing validation tests. Find out everything you need to know about all claims, payments, and sums that are still owed. Patients can receive automated email or text reminders for their appointments. e-forms with e-signature approvals can be sent to patients to complete online. Make it possible for patients to pay online.  

Claims and Reminders 

A 360-degree picture of all practice finances is used to manage and report on the general ledger, accounts charts, credits, and debits. Apply segmentation and adjustment rules that are specifically tailored to payers to the general ledger. Maintained contact with referral sources and follow up on leads using thorough client data. Examine and identify areas for improvement. Create and evaluate marketing programs.  

Sunwave Software Reviews 

Sunwave EMR has been recommended on several websites by a lot of hospitals, clinics, and practitioners. One of the best medical software applications on the Internet is thought of as being this one. Inpatient and residential management are available through the platform. 

Sunwave Software Demo 

The software’s free trial is not accessible. The paid program is not available in a free version. Clicking the “Watch Demo” button will allow you to request a live Sunwave demo. It offers training via webinars, manuals, in-person classes, a help desk, and a live chat feature available round-the-clock.  

Sunwave Software Pricing 

The price of the Sunwave is not yet known. Click the “Get Pricing” button to discover all of the Sunwave pricing information and module specifics.

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Our Thoughts 

Clinical procedures and practice administration are streamlined with the cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant medical management software called Sunwave Software. It is an easy-to-use platform created for the treatment of substance abuse and behavioral health issues. The self-service portal can be used as a quick entry point to clinical and medical solutions. Single practitioners can improve their medical performance thanks to the characteristics for single service providers. Through tools for scheduling, tracking attendance, and appointing, you may reduce the burden of full personnel administration. Sunwave provides treatment planning to resolve complicated cases.  

Sunwave is a platform created specifically to aid behavioral health and addiction treatment centers in managing clinical files, patient interactions, and billing procedures. With the use of automated audits, alarms, and medication management, healthcare providers may save, access, and use extensive patient data. A bespoke rules engine and automated validation simplify the entire claims management process. Its financial management module provides an overview of a practice’s financial situation. 

Additionally, it makes it possible for service providers to offer teletherapy services with personalized reminders, online forms, and safe payment processing. By using regular touchpoints and progress reports, they can also stay in touch with previous patients and improve their outcomes. Reports on numerous operations are produced by it.  

On Android, iOS, and web-based devices, this SaaS application is accessible. You can thoroughly track your medical work operations and guarantee security with integrated compliance tracking. You can discover issues and make a diagnosis more easily with the aid of initial assessment management. For the purpose of maximizing revenue, it provides claim validation and monitors earnings sources.  

Sunwave Health offers multi-provider practice administration. It provides appointment confirmation, claims administration with insurance companies, and electronic prescribing. Sunwave EMR is a dependable and effective piece of software for all-around medical use, thanks to reminder and notification features.  

Make sure to make a list of features you need and mark them as you go through the software. Never skip seeing a demo, especially since most are free. Good luck! 

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