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Published on May 30, 2024

TOP-5 Books on Structuring your Like and Business from Sergey Tokarev

These days, there are plenty of books, podcasts, and articles on organizing any process you want, be it your business, your study, or even your life in general. If you do not want to waste your time trying to find the best system that works for you, it is better to create one. You will need the best ideas and best thoughts in this regard, and at this point better look at someone who has already sorted out tons of information for you. Sergey Tokarev, an IT entrepreneur and co-founder of the investment group Roosh, shares his top-5 books that can help anyone create their own way of structuring any processes.

“I believe that everyone should prioritize improving their way of thinking. And to do this, one should read all kinds of books apart from business literature. Include philosophical, scientific, and especially fiction literature to your list,” says Sergey Tokarev.

1. Eric Ries “The Lean Startup: How Constant Innovation Creates Radically Successful Businesses”

Eric Ries’s book presents a new perspective on creating and managing startups and accelerating product development. According to Sergey Tokarev, he uses this approach in his projects, appreciating the concept of a “lean startup” that emphasizes creating minimum viable products (MVPs), obtaining quick customer feedback, and iterative design. This methodology helps use resources efficiently, adapt to changes swiftly, and minimize failure risks. Tokarev states, “Ries introduces concepts that are crucial for optimizing startup success and innovation.”

2. David Allen “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity”

David Allen’s book introduces the Getting Things Done (GTD) system, designed to increase productivity and reduce stress by organizing and completing tasks efficiently. The methodology involves writing down all tasks and detailing the actions required to complete them, sorting tasks by priority, regularly reviewing this list, and completing tasks when time and resources are available. Sergey Tokarev explains, “The main idea of the book is that our minds are inefficient at storing and reminding us of all tasks. Allen offers a system that helps free the mind from the need to remember every little thing, allowing it to focus on completing tasks.”

3. Peter Thiel and Blake Masters “Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future”

Sergey Tokarev highlights that this book inspired him to develop innovative solutions and appreciate the importance of a creative approach to business. Peter Thiel and Blake Masters argue that true success comes from creating something new (going from zero to one) rather than merely improving what already exists (going from 1 to N). They share insights on creating and developing successful projects, which Tokarev finds invaluable for fostering innovation in his ventures.

4. Marc Levinson “The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger”

This book highlights the transformative impact of the standardized shipping container, proposed by entrepreneur Malcolm McLean, on the transportation industry. The author explores the technical, economic, and social aspects of this innovation. For Sergey Tokarev, the book underscores the value of innovation in increasing efficiency and adapting to changes in the business environment. He explains, “This book emphasized for me the importance of using new technologies to optimize processes and adapt to changes, a principle I apply in my own business practices.”

5. John Kehoe “Quantum Warrior: The Future of the Mind” 

This book blends scientific information with spiritual teachings, helping readers improve themselves and the quality of their lives. John Kehoe emphasizes the power of thoughts in achieving desired changes, arguing that everyone has the potential to create their own reality. Tokarev finds this combination of science and spirituality particularly compelling, noting how it has influenced his approach to personal development.

Sergey Tokarev’s book recommendations provide valuable insights into organizing business and life. By exploring diverse literature, from productivity systems and startup strategies to philosophical and scientific teachings, you can create your own way to achieve balance and efficiency in both professional and personal spheres.

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