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Published on September 8, 2023

Top 6 Online OCR Tools to Convert Handwritten Notes into Editable Text Format

The process of converting handwritten notes into actionable digital format becomes essential as it works for effective data management and accessibility. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology works as a natural assistance to tackle this challenging task. You can try OCR-based tools that function to accurately recognize and transform handwritten or printed text into editable digital text format. 

This content lets you explore a few best image text extractor with OCR to convert handwritten notes into editable text format, and also shows the step-by-step process of conversion. 

Google Drive (Google Docs OCR)

Google Drive comes with a built-in OCR feature via Google Docs, which works as the best image text extractor to change image files packed with text into editable formats. 

Step to export handwritten as text format:

  • Open your Google Drive and upload your handwritten note picture into it
  • Make an instant right-click on the uploaded file, navigate to Open With > and choose > Google Docs
  • This is where Google Docs will open the inserted image and takes few seconds to extract the text and display alongside the image
  • Make editing, formatting, and even share the extracted text 


Get this another image text extractor by OnlineOCR through which you can make OCR-based conversions for different formats and languages. Convert your handwritten images into editable text quickly with this free to use too.

Step to turn handwritten picture into high quality text with OnlineOCR.net:

  • Open OnlineOCR and start adding handwritten note photo into
  • Now you have to choose the language of the text packed within handwritten photo
  • It’s time to make a selection for the output format (Word, Text. and more)
  • Click Convert button, wait for a while, and download the newly extracted text file


Considering the patent need of users regarding optimal quality OCR conversions, cardscanner play a crucial role. This platform lets you make all possible text-based extraction online without any quality distraction without any huge human intervention. You simply have to give a chance to this image text extractor that lets you convert handwritten notes images into editable text format online. You can upload up to 20 handwritten notes as photos into this converter and let this tool provide you with digital copies.

Step to convert handwritten notes photo into Text format with Cardscanner:

  • Open carscanner.co > image to text converter
  • Upload your handwritten notes photos into this image to text extractor
  • Crop & Rotate uploaded files as required and click Convert
  • Wait for a while and download the extracted text files with a single go. In addition to that, you can translate the converted handwritten digital notes into different languages as your preference

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote serves you as a full-fledged image text extractor with the capability of converting handwritten notes into digital copies. Basically, it is indicated as a stunning note-taking app, and still provides you with best OCR results. 

Step to transform handwritten notes into editable text with OneNote”

  • At first, you need to open a new or even existing OneNote page
  • Make a right-click on the inserted image and choose there “Copy Text from Picture”
  • This note-taking app will start text extraction 
  • Finally, paster the newly extracted text onto the page 


SmallPDF is one of the most well-known PDF file solutions that lets you make conversions using an OCR feature. Apart from PDF management and conversion, it works the tremendous OCR process to make text extraction from handwritten context.

Step to convert handwritten notes into editable Text format with smallpdf:

  • Open Smallpdf official website and make a click on the PDF to Word tool
  • Upload the image file that packed with your handwritten notes
  • This web-based solution automatically perform OCR process and turn the image file into editable format like Word
  • Download the transformed (extracted) text into MS Word

Online Convert

Start using this dedicated OCR program right now and change handwriting images and scanned pages into text files. The process for exporting notes as the actionable document files is pretty simple with this online file converter.

Step involves to change images or handwritten photos into text files are:

  • Open official Online Convert website and navigate to Choose File button as it lets you add handwritten note image
  • Choose output format from a wide range (txt, doc, rtf, and more)
  • Once done, click on the provided Convert File button to commence the conversion process


Conversions from handwritten notes into digital text files has never been easier, thanks to the image text extractor with OCR that performs swift and accurate conversions. These tools mainly streamlining your note-taking process and few clicks indulges to make your content more accessible, searchable, and editable.  Harnessing image to text converter and manage your handwritten notes swiftly without any distraction. Good Luck!

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