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Published on October 9, 2023

Top Industries that are Implementing Biometric Authentication Systems

After COVID-19 digital shift was observed, customers moved from traditional to digital systems. From buying to selling goods and services, every task is performed online. This increase in technology use has attracted scammers. In 2023, the cost of cyber crimes is almost 93.46 US billion dollars. Between 2016 and 2023, this value increased by 88 billion US dollars, and this rate will continue to grow by 2028. Increasing cyber crimes have made it mandatory for companies to install the latest biometric identification system. These solutions enhance the security and the functioning of the companies.

What is Biometric User Authentication?

Verification done to check the authenticity of the client is called biometric identification; biological and physical characteristics of the individuals are used for confirmation. These solutions are very advanced as they use machine learning and artificial intelligence. The up-to-date system made them more reliable and accurate. The biometric security system works within seconds; the client just has to face the camera, and the verification is done in no time.

Techniques to Verify Biometric Security System

The following methods are involved in verifying an individual:

  • Face Recognition
  • Fingerprint Verification
  • Sound Verification
  • Eyes Verification
  • DNA Verification

Face Recognition

The person stands in front of the camera, and the face is verified; the features of the individual are scanned and then matched against the template in the database.

Fingerprint Verification

The fingerprints of every person are different, and no two individuals can have identical prints. Client place their finger on the scanner, and their verification is performed.

Sound Verification

This verification is primarily done in a telephone-based security system; the voice patterns of the person are verified.

Eye Verification

Biometric Identity performs eye verification; the retina and pupil of the individual are verified. The eye pattern of every individual is different; this is used in high-security areas. However, this system has limitations; this solution only works where the light is apparent, or if the person has an eye infection, his verification can not proceed.

DNA Verification

In forensics and healthcare, the person’s DNA is verified and matched against the template in the database.

Behavioural Verification

The biometric identification system performs behavioural verification, and the client’s behaviours are checked to verify the client. The way the person walks, behaves, and gestures are observed.

 Industries Implementing Biometric User Authentication

 Financial Sector

The security of banks, insurance companies and investment agencies is critical. The biometric security system plays a significant role in banks, as customers prefer biometrics over remembering passwords. Fingerprint biometrics is widely used in banks. Biometrics has a strategic part in the banking industry. It is used in ATMs, credit and debit cards. In mobile banking apps, biometric recognition is used; the client has to face their mobile or put their finger on it, and their account will log in. There is no need to enter passwords in it; this has reduced the rate of credit card crimes.

Health Sector

Biometric identity promotes faster recognition in an emergency; this saves the time of the patient and the doctors. These biometrics can resolve the issues of wrong prescriptions, and the patient’s privacy can be maintained through it. It has created ease for the doctors as they will get the patient’s complete medical history; patients can be given proper medication on time.

These biometrics are very advanced in that they can even diagnose the disease by just scanning the face of the patient, and they even diagnose the condition of which there are chances that the patient can be affected in the near future. In developed countries, biometric identification systems work as nurses; they care for the sufferers and give them medicines and diet on time.

Food and Beverages

Biometric ID is giving its services in the food and beverage industry; these companies can allow verified individuals to enter particular territories. As this step is necessary for hygienic purposes, the food quality can be preserved by enabling limited people to enter that area. Biometric recognition is used in their offices for keeping attendance records. Check-in and check-out of the employees are recorded through it; the company can continuously monitor the activity of their workers.


Biometric authentication has made the functioning of companies easier, as this system saves time and activity. Traditional methods were time-consuming, and more labor force was required for them, which led to human error. These solutions are very reliable and accurate as every step is done by advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning. From digital onboarding to monitoring, employee companies can get their services at every step. It reduces fraud activities as the company can get complete information about their employees and partners. Using biometric authentication, companies can increase their revenue and mark them globally.

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