Published on June 5, 2023

Unveiling LocDoc! (A Healthcare Job Marketplace)

We are thrilled to present our newest innovation, LocDoc – a job marketplace in healthcare, thoughtfully crafted to accommodate doctors and healthcare practitioners pursuing locum

positions. By forming a conduit between healthcare professionals and medical facilities such as clinics and hospitals, LocDoc aspires to remodel the pursuit for temporary and short-term engagements. 

At its essence, LocDoc operates as a vibrant hub where healthcare professionals can construct profiles, explore a variety of job postings, and interact directly with prospective employers. Healthcare facilities and clinics, in contrast, can seamlessly advertise job openings, stipulating distinct prerequisites and timelines. 

Why Choose LocDoc? 

Recognizing the vital yet demanding part played by locum doctors, LocDoc is designed to alleviate the intricacies of job seeking in the medical industry. Our ambition is to streamline and enhance the experience for locum doctors by offering an array of job prospects detailed with transparent pay packages and clear role expectations. With LocDoc, uncertainty in job hunting is eradicated, allowing doctors to concentrate more on providing top-notch healthcare services. 

While we are in the private beta testing phase, we extend an invitation to doctors and clinics to join our waitlist by visiting the LocDoc homepage here. 

LocDoc was conceived due to an urgent need – the lack of a specialized platform for locum doctors on the hunt for contract opportunities and healthcare facilities that need locum doctors to cater to their clinical duties. LocDoc positions itself as the ideal solution – a healthcare job marketplace where capable doctors and healthcare facilities converge to address demands.

The Team Powering LocDoc 

The driving force behind LocDoc is an exceptional team originally from Zensite. Co-Founder and COO, Dr. Dhamirah Sakinah (Fay Mira), transitioned from being a medical doctor to a UX specialist in Health Tech, committed to improving the lives of healthcare practitioners. David Yap, Co-Founder and CEO, is a visionary entrepreneur with years of UI/UX design know-how, employing Tech, AI, and blockchain to innovate health tech for healthcare practitioners. Joshua Yap, the Chief Marketing Officer, applies his expertise in digital marketing, SEO, and blockchain to broaden the bridge between healthcare professionals and facilities. 

The platform is prepared to debut as a web app. Although currently in the closed beta stage, registration for the waitlist is now available on LocDoc website now.

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