Published on December 11, 2023

Visual Impact Crypto Banner Ads

Despite the ever-growing and developing field of online marketing, banner ads seem to be among the oldest yet the most efficient means of ads. They are relatively easy to embed, super flexible in terms of design and the message they are conveying and may be just as visible as you want them to be. However, not all banners are equally efficient. The ability of a banner to attract customers to your website depends on a large number of factors, some of which are not entirely obvious. Therefore, in today’s article, we are going to discuss the visual impact of banners and how to use them with the highest efficacy. 

Sizing and Location

Although the size of a banner and its location on the page are the first things that any agency will ask of you when you order a crypto banner ad, not many will actually explain how this will affect the visibility and clickability of your banner. Bitmedia, one of the leading crypto marketing agencies out there, has published a great overview of crypto banners and their sizes. 

Bitmedia specializes in digital advertising. The company provides its services to a diverse range of businesses, but the main focus and the market niche of the platform lies within the cryptocurrency, blockchain, gaming, and betting sectors. Bitmedia uses various ad formats like display banners, native ads, and sticky ads, which can effectively promote advertisers’ products or services as needed. 

The platform takes great pride in its targeting algorithms; it uses geolocation and device type, as well as other advanced features not only for precise targeting but also for real-time analytics, which further empower advertisers to monitor and optimize campaign effectiveness. With its emphasis on the crypto, Web3, and gaming industry, Bitmedia has gained an outstanding reputation, providing relevant and efficient advertising options for almost a decade.

According to experts, a medium-size rectangle (300 x 250 pixels) is the go-to option for most crypto ads purposes. It provides great visibility and is large enough to place all the necessary components of a successful crypto banner ad. We’ll discuss those components further. 

Banner Design and Colors

There are several design strategies that can be used to ensure your crypto banner works as expected. The first strategy is to use bright colors and make the banner stand out. The advantage of this approach is that your banner will definitely be seen. The disadvantage, however, is that it may be too distracting and even annoying and will cause the opposite effect. 

On the other hand, you may try using thoughtful design solutions, consider colors, fonts, and how they interplay. This may create a better brand image for you and attract more sophisticated clients, however, it may cost a lot more than just a huge red rectangle with yellow text. 


Tanya from Bitmedia made a great summary of why the proposal on the banner is important. She suggests the following, 

“Outline the purpose that drives your project and let people associate with it. This should be the most prominent feature of your ad, taking up the most space. It will typically be your unique selling point.”

Indeed, when your banner clearly communicates the purpose of your ad, the user will be more likely to click on it if it resonates with him. For example, you may be advertising a new option on your platform with 0% commission, or you may be telling people that you are the first to offer a particular benefit to your clients. This should be your proposal, and it should be clearly communicated. An important note is, however, that your claim should be verifiable. Otherwise, you may lose your customers’ trust. 

Call-to-Action (CTA)

Do not confuse CTA with your proposal. Although both serve the same purpose of letting the client know why clicking the banner is beneficial for them, CTA is actually a short piece of text or an image that tells the user what happens after the ad is clicked. Some examples are “claim now,” “get a discount,” or “register for free.” The point is that your CTA should be predictable, meaning those who click on it should know exactly what happens after they do. 

Brand Logo and Recognition Techniques

Normally, you’ll find that experts suggest putting a logo on all of your banners to increase brand awareness. Although it is true, you should keep in mind other visuals associated with your brand. If you have a good team of designers, that should not be an issue, but it won’t hurt to remind you that if you use specific fonts, colors, and images, or even styles of images, in your promotion materials, online ads, and on your website, you should consistently use those elements in your crypto banners, not only for good looks but also to make yourself recognized.

To imagine how your campaign might be affected by the inconsistency and not using a logo, imagine a banner by Apple that is not black and white, not centered, with little free space, and without the Apple logo itself. Instead, imagine an iPhone lying on the grass, with the text being in the top-right corner of the banner. A whole different impression, right? By the way, this also works the other way around; some advertisers use the strategy of integrating recognizable design solutions of trusted brands into their ad banners to lure clients into visiting their websites. The ethics behind it are beyond this article’s scope, though. 

In general, the key takeaway points are that a good crypto ad banner should be recognizable, consistent, noticeable, visually appealing, and communicate the purpose of the ad and what happens after the click. However, you should also remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to online crypto marketing, and you should make sure to have flexible tools at hand to adjust your campaign as you go. Luckily, Bitmedia can provide you with a complete toolkit and assistance on your way to your dream customers.

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