In this depression test, you will be assessed on the severity of depression. It's normal to experience loneliness or sadness occasionally. However, when our emptiness consumes us to the point to where it negatively impacts our lives to a significant degree, then we may be experiencing something much more pernicious than mere indifference, such as major depressive disorder.

Our Depression Test is designed to help you have a clearer understanding of your risk for developing such a condition. Being among one of the most common mental illnesses, major depression is a very treatable condition. Although depression can make you feel hopeless at times, it is actually a very treatable condition.

Take our free Depression Test below to get a better glimpse into how low or high your level of depression is. Understanding this can help you to discover what options are available to improve your mental health and overall quality of life, such as by making healthier lifestyle habits or getting treatment from a mental health professional, if necessary.

Test Specifications:

Total duration:  5 mins

# of questions:  30

ASSESSMENT:  Severity of Depression

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depression test

Benefits of Taking a Depression Test

There are many advantages of taking a Depression Test, such as having a better understanding of your depression levels, learning more about your mental health, and putting yourself in a better position to decide if a healthy change in lifestyle or psychotherapy may be beneficial.

For those who experience chronic depression, it can seem as though it is "normal" for you to be that way. It can seem as though severe sadness is just a part of who you are. Everyone's personality is unique. However, symptoms of severe depression should be seen not as a characteristic of your personality, but rather as a hinderance or an obstacle to who you truly are.

Our Depression Test is designed to help those who suffer from severe or moderate depression to realize that feelings of sadness and hopelessness are not permanent conditions of the mind, but are rather transient, as is the case with all emotions. Our Depression Test can also be very useful for those who believe to be very depressed people, when in reality they experience only a very little amount of depression.

For those with chronic depression that far exceeds what can be considered normal, we provide useful resources once your Depression Test is completed to help you along your journey of self-improvement. Another benefit of taking our Depression Test is that you will get your results immediately. Take the test below to see your results.