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Published on December 19, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Habibi Hash Canada

Frequently Asked Questions on Habibi Hash Canada

Habibi Hash is a gentle, fragrant, and powerful cannabis product that sweeps you away to the enchanting landscapes of Morocco. Each puff delivers a sense of transport and relaxation, making it an ideal choice for a perfect Saturday night at home when you’re in the mood to unwind. 

Are you intrigued to learn more about these hashish wonders? Keep reading to discover all there is to know about Habibi Hash in Canada.

Key Takeaways:

  • Habibi Hashish hails from Morocco, earning it the affectionate nickname Moroccan Habibi Hash.
  • Hashish contains 40 to 60% THC.
  • When smoking, users can detect an earthy and coffee-like smell.

What is Habibi Hash?

The powerful hash known as Habibi comes from Morocco. Morocco is renowned for producing premium hash of the highest calibre. When smoking this hash, one may detect rich, earthy terpenes with a coffee-like scent. 

For an added kick, dust some of this onto joints. It’s also ideal to sprinkle some over your bong bowl or pipe to really experience the flavours of Habibi Hash.

Is Habibi Hash the Same as Moroccon Hash?

Habibi Hash is a special blend of authentic Moroccan hashish created from the world’s most fragrant trichomes. This internationally recognized hash blends the best elements of contemporary Moroccan culture and artistry with age-old techniques to create a clean, smooth burn devoid of any solvents, chemicals, or other impurities.

How is Moroccan Habibi Hashish Made?

Even though there are numerous ways to create hashish, they fall into two categories: The first and more common procedure is the extraction of resin in both dry and ice conditions. 

  1. The dried buds are placed in a bowl and covered with a filter. The farmers add another layer of cloth over the bowl and beat it with sticks. 
  2. The bowl becomes exposed once enough beating has occurred. This is where you can find the powdered cannabis product, now comparable to what we would refer to as dried sift or kief.
  3. After transferring the kief on parchment paper or a plastic bag, roll it using a rolling pin. Fold the layer in half, then roll again to create a compact block of hash.

Habibi Hashish requires a great deal of hard labour, and the process involves using a significant amount of plant material.

There are numerous contemporary methods for creating Habibi hashish. Bubble hash or ice water hash is another example. A similar method can make ice water hash with one significant exception. 

Manufacturers use several baskets instead of a bowl, filling them with ice water. Every basket has a layer of increasingly fine mesh at the bottom. A lovely bubble hash forms after a few iterations of this procedure. Manufacturers ensure the flower is aged in the same way as ordinary hash to ensure this is truly a bubble hash—if not, it’s simply regular hash.

What are the Effects of Habibi Hashish?

It is a great strain for those who need to decompress and get into a calm state of mind. With only a small amount, you begin to get full-body relaxation while providing uplifting mental benefits.

What Makes this Habibi Hashish Special?

Making Moroccan Habibi hashish requires decades of experience. It has been produced for generations by numerous families. The outcome is a remarkable product. Customers frequently find that the potency, flavour, taste, and appearance are all more than adequate.

These dark bricks emit a deep aroma that is reminiscent of old cheese or wine. Although smoking hashish has a distinct flavour, not everyone may enjoy it. To mix the flavour profiles, many combine it with a regular dried flower. 

Hashish has continuously ranked among the strongest substances on the planet. Nevertheless, with the introduction of contemporary concentrates like shatter, wax, crumble, and isolate, the scenario altered.

How to Use Habibi Hashish?

Hashish is typically “dabbed” using a specialized tool, vaporized (“vape”), or smoked in a pipe or water pipe (bong). It can be rolled with tobacco or marijuana into a “blunt” (from an empty cigar). It can also be steeped in tea or added to cuisine.

The smokeless, odourless, and concealable characteristics of vaporizers make them a popular choice among people. 

What are the General Benefits of Using Habibi Hashish?

Hash concentrates pack a more potent punch compared to your regular cannabis flowers. They’re like superheroes in addressing various ailments like pain, anxiety, and depression.

Hash concentrates are a desirable option for people who would rather keep their medical treatment private because they may use them discreetly.

Hash is more potent than cannabis flowers, but because only a tiny amount is required, they can be a more affordable option.

What are the medical benefits of Habibi Hashish?

Hashish’s main benefit is that it works well for treating various illnesses. People have been turning to medical cannabis for ages. 

  • Its standout quality lies in its ability to alleviate pain.
  • It can ease depression, discomfort, insomnia, menstrual cramps, and muscular spasms.
  • The user will be able to get mental clarity and euphoria due to the high THC concentration. 
  • It can assist in raising consciousness and excite the brain to increase creativity.
  • It was once employed in spiritual ceremonies as a means of entering the spiritual realm with mental and emotional awareness.

What is the Difference Between Hashish and Flower?

  • Green can sometimes be purple or have orange hairs, depending on the strain.
  • Looks like plant matter
  • THC, CBD, and other plant materials
  • More fruity aroma
  • Potency: 15 to 30%
  • Dark brown
  • Appears as small sticky bricks
  • THC, CBD, terpenes, and flavonoids
  • Musk aroma that is intense
  • Potency: 40 to 60%

How to Store Habibi Hashish?

Short Term
  • Less than a week
  • Small silicon container to prevent too much air from getting in and affecting the hash’s quality.
Medium Time Length
  • Thirty days
  • Use airtight containers
  • Cut the pieces, wrap them in greaseproof paper, and then place them in a plastic bag.
Long Term
  • More than a month
  • Use vacuum-seal container
  • Avoid condensation and slow down the inevitable process of aging, which somewhat reduces the amount of THC before it is converted into CBN, another cannabinoid. Additionally, the flavour changes become spicier.
  • Freezing. This method keeps hashish fresh for around a year. To avoid mould and fungus growing, remove all air before freezing it.
  • Before use, gently thaw because a quick shift in temperature could destroy it.
Where to Store
  • To avoid mould growth, store below 25.5°C.
  • The storage space must be clean, dry, and dark to avoid the hashish acquiring excessive moisture.
  • Fill each jar or container to a quarter of its capacity and store them in sealed glass or ceramic containers. 

Where to Buy Habibi Hashish?

The secret to finding Habibi hashish is to locate a trustworthy and credible source. The market is growing, so there are more possibilities than ever before, but not all of them promise the same quality. 

Before exploring established online platforms that specialize in cannabis products, here are some things you must consider:

  • Check for customer reviews to get insights into others’ experiences. 
  • To make sure you’re purchasing a genuine and high-quality Habibi hashish, look for information about the product’s origin, cultivation techniques, and testing protocols. 

How Long Does the Effects of Habibi Hashish Last?

Depending on how you consume it, hashish can start to work within a few minutes. The effects will last approximately four hours, peaking in ten to fifteen minutes.

Some users discover that extending the length and intensity of their high can be achieved by ingesting in lower doses over an extended period of time. 

Since hashish can enter the bloodstream directly through the lungs, smoking or vaping is usually the fastest way to feel the effects.

How Can I Be Sure About The Quality Of The Habibi Hashish I’ve Purchased?

You evaluate the quality of your based on its colour, texture, flavour, aroma, and effects. 

Here are a few signs of premium Habibi hash:

  • The pale brown to golden hue of this hash implies the use of both young and mature cannabis plants in its production.
  • Its texture is smooth and malleable, suggesting that it was neither overheated nor overpressed and is composed entirely of resin glands.
  • It smells of rich, earthy terpenes with a coffee-like scent, which means that its natural terpenes and other chemicals are still there.
  • Its smooth flavour indicates the absence of impurities or additives in its composition.


Want to know if Habibi hash is right for you? Understanding its unique qualities helps you decide. Hash and concentrates, in general, pack a punch. Their high potency and rich flavour make them a solid alternative to traditional buds. 

While they might be a bit pricier due to the production process and strength, the payoff is a longer-lasting product—thanks to the small amount needed. When potency and effectiveness matter, investing in hashish is a wise choice.

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