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Published on May 18, 2023

Are You Bad at Essay Writing or Is Your Professor Just Hard to Please?

Do you often feel desperate to complete a written assignment and get a good grade from your teacher? Well, that’s not a rare case. Students face various difficulties when trying to keep up with their studies while handling a lot of other stuff. 

Obviously, when you have a job, chores, or even a kid, it’s not easy to do your best and follow the criteria your teacher expects you to meet. Most just look for a professional from coursework writing service in order to not stretch themselves thin. That way, they don’t have to compromise or sacrifice their lives to get a diploma.

But what if you dedicate your time and effort to studies and focus mostly on them but still receive C’s? Well, there may be only two options: your professor is too picky or you are not really good at writing. So, let’s help you figure out the reason!

Ask Other Students

Before you decide that you’re terrible at paper writing and start surfing through the internet to look for NoCramming reviews, ask your classmates about their experience with the professor. They might have cracked the formula of succeeding at the subject you struggle with. Or, to your surprise, they might have no problems at all. In that case, ask for some of their best essays and read them attentively.

This will not only help you clarify the reason for your poor grades but also find what your professor values in papers. Finally, professor feedback can be quite vague sometimes, so you can’t get for sure what to write. But when you read others’ papers, you might see what style to pursue. Of course, that is only relevant to the papers that received good grades.

Also, your classmates or senior students may take a look at your essay(s) and explain your mistakes much more simply than your professor does. Or, they may help you decode the professor’s comments. So, do not miss these opportunities!

Address a Professional

If you’re desperate because of making guesses about what exactly is wrong with your works, consider using one of the best paper writing services to find the truth. If your professor won’t be satisfied even with a paper crafted by an expert with a lot of experience, be sure, it’s not your fault. 

However, be careful. If you suddenly submit a perfect essay that has little to no similarities with your previous works, it will be suspicious. So, to make sure your professor does not catch you using essay services, provide your writer with samples of your works. Or, consider sending your paper for rewriting if you were allowed to resubmit it after having followed the feedback. That would be a good start and also give you some tips on what exactly is wrong with your style, ideas, grammar, and so on.

Talk to Your Professor

Some teachers tend to formulate their comments in a quite repetitive manner or even use samples. The latter is obviously no good but when you struggle to understand their feedback in writing, ask them in person:

  • explain your concern, e.g. ‘I worry about my grades’
  • add that you are willing to change it, e.g. ‘I’d like to improve the situation’
  • ask them to give examples of the mistakes they’ve mentioned in the feedback
  • ask for better alternatives
  • rephrase their advice and ask if you’ve got it right

Such conversations can be tedious, so get ready for it. For instance, your professor may not admit that their dissatisfaction with your paper(s) is ungrounded. In this case, they will beat around the bush saying some vague things. Your goal will be then to nod and say that you will take the comments into account. 

The next time you submit a paper to them, there is a high chance that they won’t be that tough. The explanation is quite simple: they don’t actually like talking to students and looking for excuses in front of them. So, to avoid another uncomfortable conversation, they will treat you as they should have in the first place.

Analyze Your Writing Process

A good start to writing an essay constitutes two things: preliminary reading and writing an outline. A good continuation of it is when you reread your outline and drafts and rearrange them. Yet, for that to happen, you need enough time. 

The thing is, to have a fresh look at your writing, you need to get distracted from it for a day or two. Your mind will process the content in the background while you do something else. So, yes, you don’t need to focus on an assignment for several hours in a row without having any rest. 

Go step by step. And, obviously, it means that you shouldn’t try to complete your essay overnight. Start early, read background literature, create drafts, edit them, and take breaks. If your typical approach to academic writing is totally different, the new one may help you surprise your teacher.

What Else Can Be Done?

If your poorly graded essays are actually your bad, first of all, keep your hopes up. Essay writing, just like any other kind of writing, is nothing more than a skill combined with extensive reading. It means that the more you write and read, the better you become at it. Sure, you should also try different approaches since there is no room for success if you keep using the same methods over and over again. Good luck!

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