Published on May 10, 2023

The Impact of Caffeine on Student Health

Caffeine is a great driving force for a lot of students during exams. It is what keeps them up and going. Most students also like to drink caffeinated beverages on normal days. That said, many people may argue that having caffeinated drinks regularly, especially in big amounts, can be unhealthy. Caffeine is present in many items like coffee, cola, energy drinks, chocolates, etc. However, when we talk about caffeine, most people think of coffee. So, if you are a caffeine lover, you are in for a ride. In this article, you will discover how caffeine affects students’ health. 

Disrupted sleeping patterns

One of the major effects of daily caffeine intake is that it can result in disrupted sleeping patterns. While coffee may be needed during exam season to keep you awake and studying at night, it is not a good idea to have an irregular sleeping pattern on a daily basis. Drinking large amounts of caffeine can disturb your natural sleeping patterns and impact your mood throughout the day. This can also lead to an inability to concentrate on your work and pending assignments. If this is the case with you, you can check out the best essay writing services. Here you can find accurate and reliable essay writing service reviews by experts. This can help you make an informed decision and choose the best available service for you.  


Abusing caffeine can also result in anxiety and feeling nervous. This is especially true when your caffeine intake is beyond the normal limits. It can even aggravate the situation for students who may already suffer from anxiety and other mental health issues. All this can impact a student’s academic performance and behavior in general. 

Some may argue that caffeine helps them get through the day, helps to relax as well as keep up with strict deadlines, so how can it be bad for their health? The issue here is that excess of everything is bad, and it applies to coffee as well. While there are pros, there are also cons of caffeine, and they cannot be overlooked. This is exactly why you should weigh both of them properly and consume coffee in a regulated manner. 

Digestion issues 

When caffeine is consumed in large amounts, it can interfere with your digestive system and lead to problems like vomiting, nausea, increased urination, diarrhea, etc. As a result, your body can suffer from dehydration. Additionally, this affects your ability to concentrate and can cause daily headaches and fatigue. 


Caffeine can also interfere with your system when it comes to medication administration. It can reduce the efficacy of many medications, including antibiotics and asthma medication. Moreover, in some cases, it may even cause side effects. So, students who are on medications should avoid heavy caffeine intake as it can seriously meddle with their system, minimize the effect of therapeutic drugs, and even cause grave health issues. 


Caffeine is a very addictive substance. Its regular intake can lead to addiction, which can be hard to eliminate. Students who drink coffee, whether cold or hot, may suffer from this addiction. This can result in fatigue, concentration issues, headaches, and other withdrawal symptoms in the case of decreased caffeine consumption. 

Rise in heart rate and blood pressure

One of the worst effects of large amounts of caffeine consumption includes an increase in the heart rate and blood pressure. This can be lethal for students who are already suffering from cardiovascular conditions or have an immunocompromised system. High blood pressure can result in headaches. Excessive caffeine consumption can also lead to hypertension, among other health issues. 

Final Words

Caffeine has a lot of impacts on a student’s health, including but not limited to irregular sleeping patterns, increased blood pressure and heart rate, severe addiction, digestive problems, anxiety, and nervousness. While caffeine can be a good way to stick to your study schedule during exams, its daily unregulated intake, however, can cause serious long-term problems. This is why it is important for everyone, especially students, not to consume it beyond the limits in large amounts. 

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