Published on June 23, 2024

FC 24: A Comprehensive Guide to FUT Coins

FC 24, a revolutionary football game, has captivated players with its cutting-edge engine technology that delivers the most realistic football experience. With diverse modes to choose from, players can immerse themselves in the thrill of the game, either as players or coaches.

Amongst its captivating modes, Ultimate Team Mode (FUT) stands out as the most popular, generating billions of dollars in revenue for EA. In FUT, players build their dream teams by collect player cards from various leagues, strategically enhancing their squad’s chemistry, and then using their assembled team to conquer opponents.

FC 24 has meticulously designed a vast collection of themed player cards for FUT, allowing players to build their ultimate team. Players can get these cards through various methods: opening packs, completing Squad Building Challenges (SBC) or Objectives, or trades with other players worldwide on the transfer market.

While completing Objectives and playing matches is the only two ways to earn FUT Coins, opening packs and SBCs require FUT Coins, so FUT Coin is very important for FUT!

How to get FUT Coin?

1. Unleash Your Competitive Spirit: Playing Matches

One of the primary way for getting FUT Coins is by actively playing the matches. Each match played in Ultimate Team Mode rewards you with a designated amount of FUT Coins. Additionally, regular join the Squad Battles and Rivals grants you periodic FUT Coin rewards.

2. Leverage the Power of the Transfer Market: Trade Tradable Player cards

Another way for getting FUT Coins is trading tradable player cards on the transfer market. Some Objectives and SBC rewards in Ultimate Team Mode will provide tradable players Packs, you can get tradable player cards by open this packs.

By completing these challenges and get tradable players through opening packs, you can potentially get high value player cards. Listing these player cards on the transfer market and successfully completing trading can get many FUT Coins.

3. Shrewd Approach to Profiting: Investments based on SBC

To ensure that all players have access to a competitive squad, FC 24’s SBCs present players with a variety of tasks. Players can earn rewards by forming squads that meet the specified criteria and submitting them.

In pursuit of minimizing costs, players often seek out the most affordable player cards. When SBCs introduce these tasks, the demand for these cards spikes, driving up their prices. By seizing this opportunity to purchase these cards and waiting for their prices to rise, you can reap significant FUT Coin profits.

4. Patience is Key: Time the Market Wisely

Timing plays a crucial role in maximizing your FUT Coin gains. Carefully monitor market trends and player prices to identify opportune moments to buy and sell. Patience and strategic timing can transform your FUT Coin trading endeavors into a goldmine.


  • FUT Coin is the important resource for Ultimate Team, you can use it to open packs, complete SBCs and make trades.
  • Participating in tournaments, trading tradable player cards, investing based on SBCs, and timing the market can earn you a lot of FUT Coin.
  • Patience and decisive decision-making are important for consistently getting FUT Coin!

5. Just one click: A reliable FUT Coin supplier

If you are tired of the slow accumulation of FUT Coins, perhaps you can look for a reliable FUT Coin supplier. A reliable FUT Coin supplier will allow you to get safe FUT Coins and avoid account bans as much as possible. If you are doubting the realness of these third-party suppliers, you can find out what people are saying about them from Trustpilot or other sources.

With these methods, you can get tons of FUT Coin to help you build the ultimate dream team!

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