Published on February 12, 2024

The Best Apps for Financial Well-Being

In today’s world, people rely on apps to keep various aspects of their lives in order. For example, many smartphone and tablet users access health-related apps, be it around fitness or dieting. Likewise, people avoid the hassle of visiting a bustling shopping center by conducting their shopping online through a tried and trusted application. Even when it comes to finances, people keep track of their incomings and outgoings through personal banking apps. In fact, financial apps are some of the most popular products around. 

After all, maintaining a healthy financial picture is vitally important for so many people. As such, society is becoming increasingly aware of the extensive selection of apps that help any financially stressed individuals keep on top of their finances. These apps are ideal for establishing a sense of financial well-being, largely because they make keeping up with finances far more manageable, not as overwhelming, and certainly less time-consuming. 

There are a variety of apps that promote financial well-being, from discount products that enable shoppers to get the very best deals, to budgeting apps that help people monitor their money. The options don’t end there, though, particularly as society becomes further entrenched in modern-day devices and the applications that can improve many aspects of our daily lives. Nowadays, these apps are a go-to resource for so many tech-savvy individuals. 

Coupled with society’s reliance on technology, many of us are also exploring other routes to secure our financial future. In the past, we would rely on wealth managers to invest in the financial markets, but the fintech revolution has allowed us to take investing and trading into our own hands. Online brokers offer professional trading platforms like MetaTrader 5 to everyone for free, with anyone able to buy stocks and commodities quite easily online. But for true financial wellness, you need a range of tools for planning, budgeting, and growth. These types of apps are, therefore, the perfect solution for people wanting to grasp their personal finances. 

Mint is a top budgeting app 

If you’re aiming to alleviate any potential stress by combining all of your bank accounts to create a clearer financial picture in your head, then Mint is an app worth looking at. With users being able to take charge of their finances by connecting any financial accounts, such as credit cards and loans, this well-liked app does an excellent job of helping users establish a coherent idea of their budget. Mint users can also access other impressive features, such as making the most of accessible charts that highlight their spending habits, all of which contribute to a better understanding of their finances and helps them plan for a better financial future. 

Find the best bargains with the help of Honey 

Who doesn’t love a bargain, right? Well, for shoppers who are looking for a great deal, Honey is an app that helps curb spending by only bringing the biggest and best online deals to its community of users. An app and browser extension, Honey applies the best coupon codes and savings to your cart before purchase, making sure you’re getting the very best deal possible. The app is compatible with more than 30,000 merchants at the time of writing, it saves you from having to search for any coupon codes yourself, and you can even get rewarded for referring a friend. An effective way to cut back on your spending by tracking down bargains online for you, Honey is well worth a download. 

Credit Sesame is a leading credit-building product 

Gaining a clear understanding of our credit health can become a bit tricky at times. To combat this, apps like Credit Sesame offer a valuable service. A tried and trusted platform, this neat and tidy application offers free credit monitoring and financial management features to help users improve their overall credit health. People who turn to Credit Sesame can use services like credit report analysis, credit score tracking, and even identity theft protection, alongside a range of other useful inclusions that help people make more informed financial decisions in this area. 

Digit is ideal for people who spend too much 

Shopping is great, isn’t it? The only issue, though, is that we all tend to have our respective limits in terms of what we can spend. Despite this, some shoppers spend money frivolously and lose track of their spending habits. Thankfully, that’s where apps like Digit can come in handy. A well-liked application that’s ideal for any aspiring savers out there, users can input how much money they’d like to start saving then, from there, this slick app automatically moves money from checking to savings accounts. It does this by assessing your personal spending habits. Digit also goes one step further, with people everywhere relying on it to assist them with creating savings goals, as well as paying down any credit card debt. Essentially, if you’re keen to monitor your spending in extensive detail and add limits around it, then Digit is the app for you. 

Honeydue is used by couples everywhere 

While individuals struggle with their finances, couples with a shared financial future together can also have issues with saving. Luckily, for any lovers who are keen to join forces and share their finances together, Honeydue is a fantastic way of giving you and your loved one peace of mind around your incomings and outgoings. Couples can connect all of their accounts to create a clear financial picture. The app offers a bill-tracking service, and Honeydue also contains tracking features around spending habits. These excellent features and more help couples remain in a healthy financial state and avoid any stress in the process. 

Other apps around financial well-being include Long Game, Credit Karma, Rakuten, and Goodbudget. 

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