Published on December 21, 2022

Top 10 Relay Races in the USA

Relay races are not very popular in many countries, but in the U.S.A., it has a different craze. Every year several events happen regarding relay races, and many athletes and novice runners take part in those races. 

Who does not want to run 200 miles with their close friends?

It’s all about excitement and enjoyment that requires fitness and enthusiasm. It’s a team game, and that is where the real enthusiasm lies. The most interesting part is that your friends or teammates will depend on your performance. 

There is no better way to finish the track by exchanging the flame after every round with teammates by meeting a valuable plan and suitable running technique. The 3 a.m sunrise and some fun intended plans can be the ultimate satisfaction that you want at the end of a day.

Twelve persons, 200 miles, two days, and the exciting nature of relay races can end up with exhausted-but-jubilant faces. With tired but wide smiles on their face, sweating and hugging each other at the edge of the game can be something to joy for. 

Top Relay Races To Look Out For

Every year from every corner of the U.S.A., relay races are organized. No matter what the condition is and how strong the fitness level is, there are few people who have an enormous interest in participating in relay races.

Relay races have a huge fanbase, and the participants are greatly cheered by the observers. This is a good chance to be the hero of your team by convincing the audience and your teammates that you can do something for your team.

If you want to participate this year, you will need to have information about some popular and enjoyable relay races. We are here to help you find the best options available in the U.S.A. for participating in or enjoying the relay race so far. 

1. American Odyssey Relay

This is a very exciting relay track that took almost 15 months for the organizers to prepare. The next session will be in 2023, and the starting venue will be Brunswick, Maryland. The race begins at 6 a.m and has the efficiency to cover four states, including Washington, DC. 

2. Reach The Beach Relay

The race generally starts in September and is an overnight adventure for the relay racers. One day, six runners and 12 legs with the best community support are the main attraction of this race so far. 

3. Smoky Mountain Relay

Two hundred miles and 30 hours of racing can be the best option for you next year. It triggers professional timing and personalized race bibs. Medical staff is always there to assist you. 

4. Hood To Coast Relay

Twenty-four legs and 130 miles of track are the fine wine of this relay race. The main trail starts from Tilikum Crossing Bridge in downtown Portland with several participants each year. 

5. Redrock Relay Zion

Brian Head, UT to Springdale, one-mile sprint for the first leg is going to give you the kick you needed for a long time. From the ski resorts of Brian to the national park of Springdale, you are going to experience total magic during the trail. 

6. Wild West Relay

This relay starts at the foothills of Fort Collins and ends at the summer experience of Steamboat Springs. Through the public roads and the remote course of the track, this is going to meet the expectations of every racer. 

7. Flaming Foliage Relay

In September, this race will give you the ultimate scenic experience of Idaho Springs. Starting from the mountain passes and going through the beautiful lakes can be a versatile adventure for you. 

8. Ragnar Relay Napa Valley

Ragnar Relay in Napa Valley, is one of Rager’s most popular relay races, which might give you the experience of Sonoma and Napa valley. You will get the chance to cherish breathless picturesque vineyards during the race. 

9. Ragnar Relay So. Cal.

This is a very well-known race for foreigners as well. Starting from Huntington Beach, each of your team members will experience the mountains of San Diego along the journey. 

10. Bourbon Chase

The Bourbon Chase starts in the month of October. If you want to experience the best trails in Kentucky, find out the registration form today. You can simply enjoy the best views of Bluegrass State and complete a 200 miles race with the team members. 

The Race Is Not Over Until It’s Over.

It is common but very significant when you start racing a relay. The race is not over until it’s over because you are not going to enjoy the sweaty hugs with a wide smile; think and smile about the whole track and its scenic beauty if you do not complete the tracks of a relay.

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