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Published on June 14, 2023

Can Online Casinos Oust Land-Based Ones from the Canadian Market?

The rise of the internet has transformed the gambling industry. Now, Canadian players can choose between the best casino sites in Canada or land-based casinos. However, online sites have been tugging harder on the other side of the rope. There has been a surge in the number of players choosing it. The massive move begs the question, “are brick-and-mortar casinos losing their appeal?”

In this article, we explore the state of the Canadian gambling industry. Also, we will discuss if traditional casinos will go out of style. Keep reading to uncover if online sites can replace physical ones.

The State of the Gambling Industry in Canada

Canada has a rich gambling history. The first notable activity recorded in Canada dates back several centuries. Moreover, Canada has had brick-and-mortar casinos since the 70s. At the moment, there are over 100 of them. Each offers gamblers slot games, table games, and poker.

However, the industry is facing an exciting turn of events. The younger generation of gamblers prefer online gambling. Plus, the event of the COVID-19 pandemic played a significant role. Many physical sites had to close. The closure led many interested gamblers to go online for alternatives.

While land-based casinos had it rough in Canada, online casinos have thrived. Some of the best casino sites offer online slots, table games, and live dealer games. The online sites also give players the Vegas experience without leaving their homes. No doubt, this makes them great competitors with their physical counterparts.

Can Online Casinos Replace Brick-and-Mortar Casinos in Canada?

Playing online is fast becoming the preferred option for many gamblers. However, it is unlikely that it will replace playing on physical sites. Both offer unique perks, and players like to have options.

A significant advantage of physical casinos is the social atmosphere. Many Canadian players love the social atmosphere. In physical casinos, they relate with other players and dealers. Also, the physical casino comes with different packages as well. Most times, they are never stand-alone. The Canadian casinos often include hotels, bars, and fancy restaurants. Hence, they have an increased appeal. Also, players are in for more entertainment and safety, especially that concerns underage players. This is why an introduction of new self-exclusion checks in land-based casinos is important.

On the other hand, online sites offer convenience and are always available. Players can log in to their favourite websites for classic gambling experiences anytime. They don’t have to worry about other costs like travel or lodging. Also, players get a generous collection of games missing in physical casinos.

Advantages of Online Casinos

Each type has features that set them apart. Here are the advantages of playing online:

  • Convenience: The best advantage of an online casino is the convenience offer. A Canadian player can enjoy their favourite game on trusted sites when they want.
  • Variety: An online casino has more games than you will find in a land-based one. There is a nice mix of games like online slots and table games. Hence, players can try out different games and categories.
  • Bonuses and promotions: They use bonuses and promotions to attract new players. They also use bonuses to keep the existing ones. Bonuses and promotions are appealing since they offer opportunities to increase bankroll. Also, it can improve players’ winnings by folds.
  • Security: Top-rated casino sites use advanced technology to safeguard customers’ information. Hence, players can gamble away without fear.

Advantages of Physical Casinos

The physical space has not persisted this long based on luck. They have specific advantages that appeal to the Canadian audience.

  • Social atmosphere: Land-based casinos have a more interactive interface. Players can talk with other players and even dealers. These interactions improve the experience. The experience is more enjoyable than when it is just a man and his phone.
  • Unique aura: Playing on a physical site has a different vibe. You will have to try it out to relate. The sight, sound, and smell all contribute to a fascinating time.

Comparing Both Casino Types

Both platforms are subject to different levels of scrutiny and regulations. The government heavily regulates land-based casinos. The regulation ensures they remain fair and customers don’t run into problems. While online casinos face regulations and scrutiny, physical ones are more intense.

It is unlikely that online sites would replace their predecessors. Both of them would coexist as gamblers have varied preferences. Playing online can’t make up the gaming industry alone. That said, let’s look at the hits and misses of both types. Here is a table that compares both types:

Type Hits Misses
Online  Convenience, bonuses and promotions, and variety No social interaction and dependence on the internet
Land-based The social atmosphere and the wholesome gambling experience Limited access, costly, and fewer games

Canadian players are known to play on any of the options. However, playing online is more prevalent due to the age we are in. That aside, there is still an associated luxury with physical sites. It is quite similar to how we have streaming platforms, but people still go to the cinema to watch movies.


The answer to “will online casinos replace offline ones?” is a definitive no. However, the online casino will appeal to more audiences than its predecessor. Both types have different benefits, and players are different. Some players prefer the classic feel of the physical space. Others prefer the accessibility of online platforms. No one has to knock another out when they can coexist.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do online and offline sites compare in games?

Online sites offer a wider variety of casino games across various categories. Unlike their predecessors, space doesn’t limit them. As a result, they can showcase different games from several reputable software providers. As a result, they are perfect for gamblers who are interested in exploring.

Can I win real money in online casinos?

Definitely! Players stand a chance to win real money on online sites. Even winnings are often bigger as legitimate and reputable sites come with bonuses and promotions. To a select few, there are other programs. If you are playing on the best casino sites in Canada, the wins are guaranteed.

How do you know a trusted and secure online site?

Do your research. Since the onset of online sites, everything and anything is up for review. Before logging onto any site online, do the necessary research. Also, go through the site’s licensing and regulations. Check with other players and look for awards they have gotten.

Are online casinos legal in Canada?

Yes, they became legal in Canada in 1994. However, at the start, there were a limited number of games. The country has a rich gaming landscape, including both land-based and online casinos. Similar bodies regulate both. They share similar rules like age restriction and fights against addiction.

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