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Published on February 28, 2024

Mastering the Double: 5 Essential Tips for Playing Darts Like a Pro

Excited to level up your dart game and wondering what is a double in darts? Mastering the art of doubles in darts requires more than luck, and this guide has your back. From decoding the scoring system to boosting accuracy and mental tactics, Mastering the art of doubl it equips you to up your game. Whether you’re a casual player eyeing improvement or dreaming of top-tier competition, these tips will amp up your aim, focus, and technique. Ready to plunge into the thrilling world of darts and unveil the secrets to mastering the double? Let’s make it happen!

Understanding the Scoring System: How Doubles Work

Doubles in darts possess the potential to revolutionize your gameplay, propelling you to new heights. Mastering the art of dart throwing hinges on a comprehensive understanding of how doubles function. In darts, the board is segmented into 20 numbered sections, each assigned its unique point value. The outer thin ring designates double points, while the inner thin ring indicates triple points.

To secure points in a double, your dart must precisely land in the narrow outer section of any number on the board. This injects an additional layer of challenge and excitement into the game, demanding precision and accuracy to hit these doubles. Doubling out involves concluding a leg by landing a double that precisely brings your total score to zero.

Whether you’re targeting Double-20 or any other number on the board, possessing knowledge of how doubles operate provides a strategic advantage over your adversaries. Consistently practice hitting these pivotal doubles and witness a soaring enhancement in your darts skills!

Developing Accuracy: Tips for Aiming and Scoring

Enhancing accuracy in darts is crucial for maintaining consistent performance. Here are proactive tips to refine your aiming and scoring techniques:

  1. Stance and Body Alignment: Establish a comfortable and steady stance that ensures consistent body alignment. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and squarely face the dartboard. Align your throwing arm with your dominant eye and the target area.
  2. Grip: Perfect your grip in dart throwing by experimenting with variations like the pencil or fingertip grip. Find the balance between firmness and relaxation, steering clear of a too-tight grip that may affect your release and accuracy.
  3. Aiming and Visualization: Direct your focus towards specific segments of the dartboard rather than throwing without purpose. Visualize your target and concentrate on precise hits. Utilize your dominant eye to zero in on the desired target area and execute a smooth throw.
  4. Regular Practice: Build muscle memory and refine your aiming and scoring skills through consistent practice. Create drills that emphasize hitting doubles, triples, or specific target areas to enhance precision under pressure. Vary distances and angles during practice to improve adaptability in actual games.
  5. Patience and Persistence: Mastery of accuracy in darts is a gradual process that requires time and commitment. Be patient as you develop your aiming and scoring abilities. Stay persistent in your practice routine and continuously strive for improvement.

By prioritizing your stance, grip, aiming, and consistent practice, you can elevate your accuracy in darts and achieve reliable results on the dartboard. Maintain patience, persistence, and focus on your goals as you work towards honing your dart-throwing skills.

Mental Strategy: Keeping a Clear Mind and Focusing on the Target

Mastering the art of darts requires a critical focus on mental strategy for success. Achieving precision in your throws, be it hitting that double or avoiding a miss, heavily relies on maintaining a clear mind and keeping your attention fixed on the target.

Before approaching the oche, invest a moment in visualizing your throw. Envision your dart smoothly traversing through the air and accurately hitting the intended target. This mental rehearsal is a powerful tool to bolster your concentration and confidence throughout the game.

Crucially, eliminate distractions and immerse yourself in the present moment. Release any lingering thoughts of past misses or future concerns, channeling your energy solely into hitting the bullseye with pinpoint accuracy.

Discover the power of pre-shot routines to calm nerves and focus on darts. Tailor your routine, whether through deep breaths or visualization, to enter the zone before each throw. Remember, mastering the mental aspect is as vital as refining your physical skills.

Practice Makes Perfect: Drills to Improve Your Skills

Engaging in drills stands out as a fantastic method to enhance your dart game and elevate your overall performance. Delve into why drills prove so effective and how you can seamlessly integrate them into your practice routine:

  1. Repetition and Muscle Memory: Consistently executing specific actions, such as targeting different dartboard segments or practicing diverse throwing techniques, ingrains these motions in your muscle memory. This fosters the development of more consistent and accurate throws over time.
  2. Targeted Improvement: Drills offer a targeted method to enhance specific facets of your dart game, be it accuracy, scoring, or consistency. Customizing drills allows direct attention to areas requiring improvement. 
  3. Game Simulation: Many drills replicate real-game scenarios, challenging you to aim for particular numbers or reach target scores. This enables you to practice strategic thinking and decision-making under pressure, vital skills in competitive darts.
  4. Variety and Challenge: With a myriad of drills available, your practice routine stays dynamic and ensures a continuous challenge for improvement. From straightforward accuracy exercises to intricate scoring drills, there’s always a new dimension to explore.

To seamlessly integrate drills into your practice, allocate dedicated time during each session specifically for drill-focused exercises. Begin with fundamental drills, gradually ramping up the complexity as you gain confidence. Monitor your progress by consistently adjusting the drills to maintain a balance of challenge and improvement.

Ineffective practices are based on inconsistency. Regularly infusing drills into your routine ensures a gradual and steady enhancement in your dart game, steering you towards mastery in the captivating world of darts.

Technique: Finding Your Grip and Stance

A dart thrower must master a perfect grip and stance to perfect their art. Find a grip that aligns with your style and feels innate in your hand by striking a balance between comfort and firmness. Experiment with various grips until you find one that feels comfortable and enables a controlled release during your throw.

Concerning your stance, establish a shoulder-width distance between your feet to uphold balance and stability. Maintain a relaxed yet focused body, emphasizing most of your weight on the front foot as you target the objective. After releasing the dart, execute a smooth follow-through, keeping your arm straight and unwavering.

Achieving the optimal combination of grip and stance may demand time and practice, so maintain patience if immediate success eludes you. Persist in refining your technique until you pinpoint the combination that suits you best.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Playing Darts

In the world of precise and skilled darts, it is vital to avoid common mishaps to maintain top performance. One error to be mindful of is gripping the dart too tightly, which can introduce tension that negatively impacts your accuracy.. Another mistake is neglecting to focus on the target before releasing the dart – this brief moment of concentration significantly affects your aim.

Beginners often rush their shots, disregarding the importance of properly aligning each throw. In darts, patience is a valuable trait. It is crucial to maintain consistency in your stance and grip, as any deviations can result in irregular throws.

To ensure optimal play, create an environment free from distractions as disruptions can disrupt your rhythm and concentration. Keep a positive mindset, even when faced with missed shots or challenging rounds, and stay focused on continuously improving with every throw.


To master the art of hitting doubles in darts, engage in focused practice, enhance your precision, and maintain mental concentration. Gain a solid grasp of dart throwing fundamentals, acquaint yourself with the scoring system, refine accuracy through targeted aiming methods, cultivate a strategic approach, and practice rigorously to enhance your skills. 

Find a grip and stance that suits your style, while steering clear of common mistakes. Consistency is the linchpin for proficiency in hitting doubles, so persist in your practice, stay resolute, and, above all, enjoy playing darts like a pro!

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