Published on April 29, 2024

Strategies for Making Money from Popular Games

When you think that making money is difficult, but not for some people who are good at looking for opportunities, one of them is people’s daily activities, namely playing games. Currently playing games has become a habit. Some people like it, but not a few Those who think that playing games is a waste of time, when games are in the hands of the right people, this activity can bring opportunities to make money.

There are many games this year that you can try playing, with the right methods you can make money without having to put in extra effort. You can take advantage of this opportunity if you are having difficulty earning money. In this article we will discuss a number of ways that you can apply to make money by just playing games.

Before discussing further, we will discuss why currently the newest games have good potential for making money. Among others are:

Number of Enthusiastic Players

Popular games that have just appeared have usually been eagerly awaited by several players, players usually wait by trying to pre-register before the game is officially released. With the emergence of new games, it’s possible that you can start trying to create content that not many people have played yet.

Advantages in playing First

If you are playing for the first time, some games sometimes give you items, or a number of coins that you can use, this can help you start the game with less difficulty and can be faster in building your character and level quickly.

Potential in E-Sports

Currently competing in E-Sports events is something that is very promising, especially if you have just started the newest popular game, you can try it earlier and become more proficient in learning the ins and outs of the game.

Digital Content

With the increasing number of viewers on game streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and many more, this provides a good opportunity to try starting a new game, and also if you are good at playing it you can build an audience that is useful for you and also generate advertising. , sponsors and donations.

Strategy for making money by playing popular games

Streaming Games: If you like live videos such as on social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, you can try streaming by playing games and making money, interesting isn’t it? and currently there are many platforms to support game streaming needs and you can adjust it to your wishes, by streaming new and popular games you can earn money through donations, sponsored advertisements. Plus, you can build a following which can make your name even bigger and more famous.


Many people are new to playing games and feel that their skills in playing games are only limited to what they think, even though by honing the game by practicing regularly you can broaden your knowledge and skills. If you have been skilled for a long time, especially in FPS or RPG games, you can consider taking part in E-Sports, there is a lot you can get by taking part in E-Sport, apart from your salary, you can also earn money when you win playing tournaments.

Selling Items

Even though not all games offer sales of items outside the game, if the game provides this feature, there’s no harm in trying to sell, you just have to play diligently while looking for rare items that are difficult to get and then you can sell them for real money.

Video Content

Creating video content about how to play correctly, making reviews about games, reviews about skills and many more, these are activities that require, apart from playing skills, also skills in video editing. However, with this you can make significant money.

Jockey Services

When you can play with high skill, or are already proficient in playing a certain game, you can try to open a jockey service, this activity is very popular in several gaming communities, some people don’t have time to pursue rankings so they need a jockey to pursue that rank.

Light Game

If you don’t have computer specifications that support making money through streaming, you can try playing the kakekmerah4d game, this game only requires a browser and smooth internet, and you can also play it on a smartphone without needing a computer, the game is light and the game is simple can give you a promising income.

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