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Published on June 10, 2023

What Is Greentube Mynt? Will It Become a Game-Changer for Casino Operators?

Have you ever wondered how the games you play in online casinos work? For example, let’s say you’re playing vegas slots online: where are these games hosted, and what server are you connecting to while playing them? Casino operators work differently than most people think, and the new Greentube Mynt platform developed by Novomatic has the potential to change that even further. Below, we discuss what changes this new technology could make in the iGaming industry.

Let’s Start With the Basics

An online casino can offer thousands of games: even now, you can easily find a casino site with more than 3,500 games. However, very few of them are hosted on the casino site. The vast majority of games are hosted on a remote server, and the developers themselves manage these servers. In other words, what you see on the casino site is just an interface: you connect to a completely different server to play the game.

For example, let’s say you are playing a slot machine developed by Novomatic: when you press the “play” button, you actually establish a remote connection to Novomatic’s server that hosts that game. The game is played on the Novomatic server, and the spin results are decided on the same server. This is a practical solution as it allows casino sites to offer a large number of games, and you don’t have to worry about fairness as the game results are decided on the developers’ servers.

However, this solution also has a downside: if the casino site works with dozens of developers, it has to run a different integration process with each one, and since indie studios don’t have the budget to run a server network, they have to convince the casino operator directly to host their games on the casino site. This causes things to get complicated in the long run, and small-scale studios’ games don’t become very common.

Greentube Mynt, developed by Novomatic, can cure all these problems. Although it basically uses the system we have explained, it also contains many innovations that will make the whole process much easier.

What Is Greentube Mynt?

It’s hard to explain this technology simply, but you can think of it as a kind of game development platform. This platform includes:

  • Ready-to-use assets for game development;
  • Access to a remote gaming server network;
  • Tools that can be used for promotional campaigns and campaign tracking.

Novomatic already had a Games Development Kit, just like any other major developer in this industry. However, this kit could only be used by Novomatic and did not have modern features. Greentube Mynt becomes the next-generation version of this kit and opens its doors to indie studios as well. Among the things, the platform promises are:

  • Simplifying the game development process. With this kit, you don’t have to write thousands of lines of code while developing games. Mynt contains many ready-to-use assets. With these, it is possible to develop a game using a visual interface. Of course, you still need a code infrastructure, but you can shorten and simplify the development process a lot by using the assets.
  • Being able to access a Remote Gaming Server (RGS) network managed by Novomatic. Games developed with Mynt will run on this RGS and will offer a fair and safe experience. Moreover, since this RGS network will run on the cloud, you will be able to reduce latency based on your geographic location.
  • Making the job of casino operators easier. Mynt includes many player retention tools, including in-game widgets with overlay functionality. With these widgets, an operator can easily organize promotional campaigns. For example, a jackpot can be added to a particular game with timed/random jackpot widgets. A free spins widget, on the other hand, can enable the player to win free spins in any game. Prize Drop and Tournament widgets will be added to Mynt shortly.

Greentube Mynt is currently available to Novomatic’s own B2C brands. This means that 18 game studios have migrated to this platform and started developing games with the advantages we mentioned above. Indie studios can also be part of the Mynt platform: after signing up with Novomatic, they can share their games with their own brands and with hundreds of casino operators simultaneously using Mynt servers.

But the main advantage of the Mynt platform will perhaps be that it makes the job of casino operators much easier. Adding a bonus feature to games and getting detailed information about how this feature affects player interaction is one of the most difficult issues for operators, and in-house solutions are often not enough. Seeing what works and what doesn’t will allow them to further customize their services. Greentube Mynt is also beneficial for players: now you can find additional and more diverse bonuses on your favourite games.

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