Published on January 22, 2024

Why Get a Gaming License in Comoros?

Comoros, located in the Indian Ocean, is a relatively new player in the gambling market. However, in recent years the country has made significant strides in creating a regulated gaming environment. In 2023, Comoros introduced a gaming license system that opens the door to operators from all over the world.

Benefits of obtaining comoros gambling license

  • Geographical Advantage: Comoros’ strategic location in the Indian Ocean makes it an attractive hub for operators targeting both African and international markets. Its proximity to major markets in Africa and the Middle East offers a unique advantage.
  • Low Operating Costs: Apart from affordable licensing fees, Comoros boasts relatively low operating costs. This can be especially appealing for startups or operators looking to maximize profits.
  • Tax Benefits: Comoros offers favorable tax conditions for licensed operators, including low or no taxes on revenue, profits, or capital gains in some cases. This can significantly boost the profitability of your gambling business.
  • Diverse Market: Comoros provides access to a diverse and growing market of players who are increasingly interested in online gambling and sports betting. This can be a lucrative opportunity for operators looking to expand their customer base.
  • Regulatory Support: The Comoros government is committed to supporting the gambling industry by implementing a robust regulatory framework. This commitment to responsible gambling regulation, coupled with membership in the International Association of Gambling Regulators (IAGR), adds credibility to the licensing process.
  • Streamlined Licensing Process: With the right legal support, the process of obtaining a gaming license in Comoros can be relatively straightforward. Companies like Fintech Harbor specialize in assisting operators through the legal complexities of the licensing procedure, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Process of obtaining a license

  • Company registration: It is necessary to register a company in the Comoros Islands.
  • Submission of documentation: Operators are required to provide the necessary documents to the regulatory body to demonstrate compliance with the requirements.
  • Payment of License Fee: The prescribed license fee must be paid.

Fintech Harbor can help you obtain a license

Fintech Harbor can provide significant assistance in the legal aspects of obtaining a license, providing specialized legal services and having extensive experience in the field. If you are planning to start a gambling business, turning to Fintech Harbor can make the process of obtaining a license easier and more efficient.

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