Published on May 24, 2023

7 Tips for Maintaining Good Foot Health

When it comes to foot health, so many of us take our feet for granted. We forget that having healthy feet is key to enjoying everyday activities. These include running errands, walking in the park, or leisurely going around your house. But, not giving our feet proper care can cause major problems and result in pain and injury.

So, whether you’re attempting to prevent an infection or already have one, you can take some basic activities today to maintain good long-term foot health. To help you with this topic, we will cover seven tips for maintaining good foot health– all of which can be easily implemented into any lifestyle.

Here are the seven tips for maintaining good foot health:

1. Wear Properly Fitting Shoes

If possible, avoid buying shoes online and try them on in the store first. Shoes should hug the sides of your feet and not be too tight or loose. Make sure there’s around a finger-width between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. Also, if you have wide feet (or buy beach shoes, such as flippers), go up half a size. Additionally, don’t wear new shoes for long periods when you initially get them; instead, break them in gradually.

2. See A Podiatrist If Needed

If you have an aching heel, sore ankle or podiatry issues related to diabetes foot health, then seeing a podiatrist could be the right move for you. A visit to the podiatrist can help you identify any underlying health concerns and provide advice on how you can best maintain healthy feet. As most of us are on our feet all day, we must take care of them, so make sure you don’t wait too long – see a podiatrist if needed.

3. Wash Your Feet Regularly

Many forget to care for our feet, but it’s an essential and easy way to ensure foot health. Washing your feet is a great way to prevent and reduce infections, itchiness, and odour that can disrupt our daily activities. It’s suggested that you keep soap and a bucket of water next to your bed so you can wash your feet before bed every night. This helps remove dirt and sweat which build up during the day. 

4. Trim Toenails Properly

Taking proper care of your toenails helps with both comfort and hygiene. You should trim them at least once a week, using clean, sharp nail scissors or clippers. Start by softening your nails with warm water in a bath or foot soak to make cutting easier. Then cut the nail straight from the side, rounding off slightly at the corners. Keep it short enough to avoid painful pressure on nearby toes, but no shorter than necessary. Don’t forget to smooth any sharp edges using an emery board or file afterwards.

5. Stretch Before Exercise

Stretching before exercise helps prevent injury and improves overall physical health and well-being. Doing a few stretches before your workout helps warm up the muscles so that they can work harder and better. Taking the time to stretch can also help ease soreness post-exercise and improve your range of motion, flexibility and agility. So, don’t skip stretching beforehand if you want to maximise your workouts. 

6. Stay Hydrated

Let’s talk about the importance of staying hydrated for good foot health. It’s a step that often gets forgotten, but did you know that drinking enough water can drastically improve the skin on your feet? In addition, proper hydration can help prevent dryness and cracking and boost your immune system to protect against pesky infections. So ditch the sugary drinks and opt for water instead. Your feet will be sure to thank you later.

7. Inspect For Signs Of Injury

Inspecting for signs of injury is an important part of pet parenting. Cuts and bruises are frequently the first sign that something might be wrong, so it’s best to be proactive. With regular inspections, you can easily detect any minor issues before they become more serious health problems. Always pay attention to your four-legged friend – his well-being is worth the extra effort.


Good foot health is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Spending time keeping your feet in good shape can help you stay comfortable and active. These seven tips will help your feet stay healthy, strong and ready to take on any adventure. So don’t forget – wash, trim, stretch and hydrate – it could make a difference. With the right care, your feet can stay healthy and happy

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