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Published on December 20, 2023

Are You Eating a Lot and Not Feeling Full Afterward? This Could Be the Reason

If you feel that you have a healthy appetite and eat plenty at mealtimes, then you should expect to feel full when you’ve finished. If the amount of calories you are ingesting fits your lifestyle and body size, it might seem odd if you’re not having the satisfied feeling the average person gets when they’ve eaten their fill. There are some conditions and situations where you might eat heartily and not feel full, though.

If you’ve asked yourself why am I always hungry after eating, we’ve come up with a guide that might offer some reasons why this is happening.

Mental Health Reasons or Stress

If you’re eating plenty at mealtimes, but you’re not feeling full, then there might be a psychological reason behind it. If you’re experiencing either depression or anxiety, those can impact how your body behaves. It’s not unheard of for individuals to not feel full when they eat if they’re dealing with either of these problems.

Only a qualified medical doctor can diagnose you with either depression or anxiety. The problem may also be stress-related. If that’s what’s happening, then talking with a therapist or medical professional is probably in order.

You’re Not Eating Healthy Meals

It’s also vital that you eat things that satisfy you and have the nutrients your body requires. If you’re eating nothing but jelly beans all day, you’re getting plenty of calories but no nutritious ones. It’s logical that you might still feel hungry if this is what’s happening.

The test is to change up your eating habits and to eliminate those empty calories. Try eating well-balanced meals that feature all of the minerals and vitamins your body needs. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you’ll know that something else is to blame.

You’re Drinking Too Much Alcohol

It seems strange that if you drink more alcohol, you might still feel hungry when you eat meals that should satisfy you. After all, alcohol itself contains additional calories.

Some studies show that alcohol can impact the hunger signals that your brain sends to your body. If you cut back on alcohol and still feel hungry after eating full meals, you’ll know this was not the problem either.

Quick, Distracted Eating

Some individuals don’t feel full not because of what they’re eating but how they’re eating it. These people should make eating more of an event. They should sit down and eat slowly, relishing the food they’re consuming.

If you eat fast and you’re distracted while eating, your body can learn not to feel full when you’re finished. This has to do with the connection between the body and the mind. It turns out that changing your mealtime routine can lead to you feeling fuller, even if you’re not changing your dietary habits.

If none of these things seem to be the issue, it’s important for you to see a doctor. There might be a less obvious reason why the food you eat isn’t satisfying you, and you must figure out what’s happening.

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