Published on February 23, 2024

Fighting the Stress of Living With Tinnitus

Tinnitus affects roughly 15% of the entire world’s population. For as common as it can be, it doesn’t get talked about anywhere near enough. Rather than being a condition in and of itself, tinnitus is a symptom that can be related to a wide range of conditions and injuries. The experience of hearing noises that have no physical external source can cause a lot of stress, to the point that it seriously impacts the quality of life for a lot of people who live with it. Here, we’re going to look at tips that can help better manage the stress of living with tinnitus.

Therapy can help

While finding the right therapist can help with all manners of stress, regardless of what they are caused by, it has been found that cognitive behavioral therapy can, largely speaking, be very helpful to those who are living with tinnitus. This practice addresses the thought patterns and behaviors that govern our everyday lives, and when it comes to tinnitus, a lot of people find that it can make a serious impact on their perception of noise. Working to make those perceived noises feel less threatening, less obnoxious, and overall less of an impact on daily life could make tinnitus much easier to live with. It doesn’t eliminate it but, especially when paired with the next tip, it can make it a lot easier to acclimate to.

Finding the right devices to help

A lot of people living with tinnitus rely on specific devices to help them address the severity of the symptoms. When it comes to managing tinnitus effectively, seeking the help of a professional can help ensure that you’re taking a look at all of the right options. For instance, some people will use devices like white noise machines, which can be placed in the bedroom, for instance, to provide a source of gentle background noise that many find can make their tinnitus a lot less noticeable. Other people will wear noise-cancelling devices, which are worn much like hearing aids. These devices also produce a steady noise, set to a frequency that is designed to help cancel out those caused by tinnitus.

Practicing mindfulness and meditation

While addressing the perception of the noise characteristic of tinnitus can be hugely effective for some people, it’s also important to address the impacts on the mind, as well. When it comes to dealing with stress, mindfulness meditation is a practice that a lot of people have found hugely effective. Mindfulness can help people avoid becoming extra fixated on the symptoms that are causing them stress, such as tinnitus sounds, and can also generally decrease levels of stress and anxiety.

Finding the right approach to living with tinnitus can be different for different people. As such, it’s always recommended that you work with a hearing health professional to start trying the different routes of treatment for it. The sooner you start, the sooner you might find the treatment, or combination of treatments, that work for you.

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